Rescue Log

In addition to the 700 permanent residents cared for daily at Bat World Sanctuary, the following bats were rescued and released back to the wild (or were provided permanent sanctuary with us if they were not releasable). Also logged are the rescues we directly assisted with nationally and internationally. Click on the entry to see any photos or videos that are available. 

Calendar of Events

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1 event,

Delaware – bat in attic

4 events,

Texas – bat found at apartment complex

Washington – bat found at workplace

3 events,

Arkansas – bat found in garden

1 event,

1 event,

1 event,

4 events,

Texas – baby red bats found in garage

Texas – bat found grounded at restaurant

3 events,

Texas – bat found at apartment complex

Pennsylvania – bat found on walkway

Florida – 4 bat pups found grounded

1 event,

0 events,

2 events,

Oregon – bat at car dealership

Arkansas – bats under siding

2 events,

Wisconsin – bat trapped in building

2 events,

3 events,

South Carolina- bat found with broken wing

5 events,

New York- bats found in chimney

Texas- bat hit by car

Texas – bat found grounded in home

Washington – bat found on lawn

5 events,

Ohio – bat pup found grounded

Texas – bat found with broken wing

Texas – bat injured in fly trap

Missouri – bat drinking from flower pot

Alaska – bat grounded between tires

2 events,

4 events,

Florida – bat pup found inside home

Texas- bat found hiding under debris

3 events,

Oregon- bat colony roosting in attic

Georgia- baby bat fell from bat house – photo available

6 events,

Michigan – bat found grounded

Texas – baby bat found under roost – photo available

Texas – baby bat found in yard

Texas – grounded Eastern red bat

North Carolina – baby bat found

4 events,

Texas – pregnant bat caught by cat

Texas – bat found downed at shopping center – photo available

Texas – baby bats fallen from bat house

Florida – baby bat found grounded

4 events,

Ohio- bat pup caught by a cat

Texas- bat pup found abandonded

California – bat pup found in road

3 events,

Texas – baby bat found under palm tree

Georgia – red bat grounded in driveway

4 events,

Florida – baby bat found beneath a tree

Virginia – baby bat found at apartments

3 events,

Florida – free-tailed bat found on lawn chair – photo available

Texas – baby bat found at daycare

3 events,

Texas – baby evening bat found by door – photo available

Kentucky – baby bat found grounded

2 events,

Missouri – orphaned bat found in puddle – photo available

Florida – mom and baby red bats on ground

7 events,

Oklahoma – Bat found grounded under tree 

Texas – bat flew into porch during storm – photo available

Georgia – baby bat fell from attic roost

6 events,

Canton, Georgia – baby bat found in barn

Houston, Texas – baby bat found in driveway

Dallas, Texas – babies found on mother

11 events,

Wisconsin – bat found on ground 

Florida – bat in breezeway

Texas – bat hanging on wall for two days

Texas – bat pup on back porch

Texas – evening bat nursery colony found under patio umbrella – photo available

South Carolina – bat found in yard

4 events,

California – bat flying in house

5 events,

Texas – baby bat grounded in backyard

Florida – bat found in back yard

Texas – bats falling from bat house – photo available

Texas – bat grounded at washitera

2 events,

Wisconsin – bat with injured shoulder

Iowa – baby bat found in basement

10 events,

North Carolina – baby bats falling from roost – photo available

Oklahoma – baby bat found in backyard

New Mexico – bat found injured

United Arab Emirates – bat found grounded – photo available

Texas – baby bat on ground

Connecticut – bat found in pool

Wisconsin – bat found in bathtub