Formed in 2008, Bat World MidCities is located in the Fort Worth/Dallas area of Texas and directed by Kate Rugroden, our Director of Special Projects. Since its inception, over 200 volunteers and transporters have been recruited. Our workshops on the rehabilitation of insectivorous bats are instructed by Kate, and she is chair of the Stakeholders’ Committee for the National White Nose Syndrome Response Team. Bat World MidCities is also approved for continuing professional education by the Texas Department of State Health Services, the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, and the American Association of Veterinary State Boards. Click here to donate to Bat World MidCities.


Formed in 2017, Bat World Bulgaria is located in Sofia, Bulgaria and directed by Vera Krushkova. Bat World Bulgaria rescues, rehabilitates and returns bats to the wild, and also works to stop cruelty to bats by educating the public. Despite the administrative obstacles, Bat World Bulgaria works protect the colonies in the buildings that are being renovated. Every year they rescue hundreds of victims and return them back to nature. A large proportion of these saved lives were at the brink of death because of the activity of humans. Their motto is “Too many bats losing their lives because of humans. Let’s keep them safe. ♥” Click here to donate to Bat World Bulgaria.


Formed in 2023, Bat World Italy is located in North East Italy and directed by Sandra Bellomo with the assistance of her dedicated volunteers, Giulia and Paola Maurizio. Two years earlier, this same team established Pronto Soccorso Pipistrelli, an association dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of bats to the wild. Along with rescue, education is a primary mission of Bat World Italy.  The more people know how wonderful and precious bats are, the more people will help to save and protect them. One of their programs, titled “Bat, a Friend Upside Down”,  is directed specifically for elementary children. Click here to donate to Bat World Italy.


Bat World Austria is located in Lower Austria and was formed in 2023. The members have been involved in microbat care for many years and are always on-call and ready to rescue bats or offer advice to the public at any time. In 2022, 440 bats from all over Austria were rescued. Bat World Austria also works closely with Austrian conservation programs, partners with bat enthusiasts and encourages interest and excitement in the public about bats.