We are searching for dedicated volunteers to join us on a regular basis! Although this is volunteer work, we do put a lot of time into training our volunteers and ask that they show up on time, work hard, and call us if they are unable to make it in. Volunteers must commit to a minimum of 2 days a month, but more often is welcomed and preferred. Volunteers must be 18 years or older, and must sign a waiver to be on premise. Please note that our bats are still very much wild animals, and while many will accept treats and are comfortable around us, they are not to be handled.

Please Note that we take a lot of time, effort and pride to train volunteers so the bats in our care will benefit. We highly value the time and effort that serious, dedicated volunteers willingly give to Bat World Sanctuary. That being said, if you are only applying in an effort to see the bats, or you can only come in one day a month, volunteering at Bat World Sanctuary is not the best fit for you.

If you are sincerely interested in helping the bats please fill out the Volunteer Application at the link below. Please also be sure to read over our Volunteer Agreement & Guidelines. The Volunteer Agreement can be signed in person on your first day.


There are many ways to help bats from the convenience of your home! Please see the list below to get started. If you have an idea that is not mentioned below, please e-mail us at [email protected] – we would appreciate hearing from you! On behalf of the bats, thank you.
    Bats need your help! We are seeking individuals who want to help us save lives by being a transport volunteer. We are compiling names and numbers of people all across the US for this to serve as a reference for when we have a bat in need. By signing up with the form linked below, you aren’t committing to anything specific. You are simply giving us, as well as other bat rescuers, permission to contact you if we have a bat in need in your area. Being a transport volunteer is simple! All we ask is that you pick up a contained animal in need, and deliver it to a predetermined wildlife rehabilitator. ❤️ Please complete this form if you may be able to help save a future bat in need. 
  2. PUT UP A BAT HOUSE! Provide much-needed habitat for the bats in your area.
  3. PLAN AHEAD when it comes to construction and home remodeling projects during maternity season for bats. Baby bat season runs from early April to late September, depending on where you live. You may not even be aware that a few mother bats are raising their young in a secluded area of your attic or roof. Waiting until the baby season is over will insure that these mothers can successfully raise their pups.
  4. SET UP AN EDUCATIONAL BOOTH Set up an informational booth at local fairs, conventions, and Earth Day events. We will be happy to provide literature to get you started. Click here for ideas on educational displays.
  5. MAKE YOUR TOWN SMARTER! Write a Letter to the Editor about the benefits of bats, and be sure to include how to humanely handle bats if they become a problem in local homes and businesses (click here to learn more). Also, write public interest articles to spread the word through other types of publications.
  6. CREATE A FUNDRAISER FOR BAT WORLD You will need the right sort of idea and the right location for it. For example – you might host a Fruit Bat Benefit – $25 gets participants a basket of fruit (donated by a local produce store).
  7. ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO JOIN OUR FACEBOOK PAGE We share photos and educational information almost every day on Bat World’s Facebook page. If you know someone who is afraid of bats, please have them join our page so they can see what bats really like. Educating others is the key to saving bats around the world!
  8. USE AMAZON SMILE If you shop at Amazon.com, please create an Amazon Smile account and choose Bat World Sanctuary as your designated charity. Every time to sign into Amazon Smile and shop, Amazon Smile will send us a donation!
  9. Click here for other ways to help, including Shop for Your Cause a unique way to Click and Influence the world around us. Click Daily and raise 2 cents for Bat World Sanctuary and Sign Petitions to help create change.