Our Cyber-Stalker

In June of 2010, we hosted an intern named Mary Cummins of Los Angeles, California. Cummins, however, found the work too difficult and left the internship after only four days of the two-week internship. Before she left she demanded we pay her $2,500 for an alleged bump on the head that she claimed to have acquired on the first day of the internship. We refused, and she stated that we would be sorry.

We had no idea at the time that Mary Cummins was a notorious, mentally-troubled cyber-stalker who has harmed hundreds of people over the last 30 years. Her victims include real estate brokers, bikers, attorneys, judges, non-profit founders and business owners. Mary Cummins claims to be President of Animal Advocates and Cummins Real Estate Services as well as an “investigative reporter”.

After Cummins left Bat World Sanctuary she began posting horrendous defamation about Bat World Founder and President, Amanda Lollar on hundreds of blogs she created, as well as repeatedly posting defamation on humane and animal rescue groups around the world. Cummins is an SEO (search engine optimization) expert and was able to get her defamation to rise to the top of Google in a matter of days. While alone at Bat World Sanctuary, Cummins accessed Bat World’s computer and copied our entire email address book. She emailed links to her defamatory blogs to all of our supporters. Donations almost dried up and at our lowest point we only had $200 in the bank with over 200 animals to feed. We borrowed over $20,000 in order to survive during this period.

With the help of famed animal rights attorney Randy Turner, we sued Cummins for defamation. Randy represented us free of charge. Cummins then began stalking and attacking Randy, his family and his associates online in an attempt to get him to stop helping us. When that didn’t work, Cummins stalked Amanda’s husband and close friends in an attempt to destroy Amanda’s support system. In June of 2012, after a 4-day bench trial with Cummins representing herself, Cummins was ordered to pay us Six-Million dollars in damages for her “egregious as well as malicious as well as intentional” defamation. At the reading of the verdict, Judge William Brigham compared the reputation of Amanda Lollar to that of Jane Goodall. The entire judgement was upheld by the Texas Court of Appeals in an unprecedented 76 page opinion against Cummins. It was also upheld by the Texas Supreme Court.

After trail, Cummins then sued Amanda Lollar for defamation for defending herself online against Cummins. Cummins also sued Bat World Sanctuary for personal injury for her alleged bump on the head. In a form of witness retaliation, Cummins also added some of Bat World’s Board Officers in her lawsuit – officers who had testified for us at trial. Cummins also attempted to get a restraining order against Lollar. Cummins lost all of these lawsuits. (NOTE: D&O insurance and pro-bono attorneys prevented Bat World Sanctuary from acquiring significant legal fees during these cases.)

Our case has been ongoing since 2010 and is now legal precedent. Thankfully, our support has recovered during this time. Despite all of her loses, to this day Cummins continues to go to great lengths to cause damage to us as well as many other people from all walks of life. We have posted this page to warn others, but to also let her past victims know that justice finally caught up with Mary Cummins. Note: If you are involved in a case with Mary Cummins and need court documents to declare her a vexatious litigant click here. Also see Randy Turner’s page on the behavior of Mary Cummins.

Please also see our self-help page if you are being cyber-stalked or bullied online.