We’ve begun a very exciting project – one that will be massively beneficial for bats all across the globe! We have officially began construction on the Bat World classroom, where we will be able to provide educational programs & rehabilitation training classes. During the summer months (our busiest rescue season), we will also host interns from around the world. In choosing the site, we were careful to avoid areas regularly used by the wildlife on our land, such as deer resting areas and raccoon trails.

Although we are only in the beginning stages of the project, we are so excited to have this opportunity to further our bat outreach, and to train even more bat rescuers from across the globe. To help us fund this critical project, which will also host interns from around the world, we have been offered a very generous matching grant of $75,000, which is a massive help to completing the classroom. Scroll down to read testimonials from previous interns and students. Thank you for any amount you can give toward helping bats around the world!


Justin Stevenson & Holly Smith, NM
More than a decade ago my wife and I (both former federal wildlife biologists) attended the BWS bat rehabilitation class in TX. Though we had vast experience with so many species of wildlife in the field, we knew little of bats and nothing about rehab at the time. Since that time we have relied on bat world sanctuary’s help and advice and guidance in our bat rehabilitation work in our home state of New Mexico. The experience, knowledge, dedication and passion found within BWS’s founder and staff are exemplary and it is only with their help that we’ve been able to rehabilitate bats and become established in this arena in our own area. There has never been a time we haven’t received a reply to a request for help from BWS and they are a foundational stone on which our work with bats and rescuing and rehabilitating is built. BWS is the epitome of a non profit that puts their funds to work on the actual mission!

Cynthia Myers, California
I attended my first Bat World Sanctuary rehabilitation workshop way back in 2002, and learned more in my week there than I could have learned in YEARS here in San Diego. It was such an amazing experience that I attended another workshop in 2003, travelled there in 2005 and 2006 to volunteer, and am now on my 4th edition of their captive care book. The opportunity to get hands-on training, while helping so many bats of different species every day, all with different care and handling needs, cannot be replicated elsewhere. Since my initial trip to BWS, they have continued to provide patient advice when needed, and they help bats and bat rehabilitators around the world. We used to joke that Bat World Sanctuary is “the Mother Ship” for bat rehabilitators everywhere. 💞

Anne Palyok, South Carolina
In 2017 I attended a weekend workshop to learn more about bat rehabilitation. The classes were well organized and I received so much information on how to save bats. We were also given a tour of the facility and got many ideas for enrichment , carriers and enclosures. A couple years later I was asked by some rehabilitation groups here in SC to teach a class on basic bat rehabilitation. I turned to Bat World and they put together a complete program for me with a manual I could share with the attendees. They have also assisted me with educational supplies and are always available to advise when some unusual situation occurs. I have so appreciated their help.

Janel H., Indiana
I attended “Bat World Boot Camp” in 2004 and I have saved thousands of bats with knowledge I gained there for that week in the last 20 years. It was a life changing experience and I am now training others.H

Tracy Wiley, Arkansas
I attend a BW workshop in 2017 or 18 and began my bat rehab adventure. I had wished for more and greater opportunities to continue my bat education and experience and to get others involved. An education training center like this will be invaluable for current and especially future bat rescuers/rehabbers

Toni Turk, Ohio
I have taken many y of the Bat World virtual classes as well as a 2 day course at Bat World two years ago. I am so excited to be coming back next month for pup training! The ability to learn from experts is invaluable!

Katherine Diaz, California
I attended the rehabilitation workshop in May of 2021. It was such a wonderful experience meeting the other rehabbers taking the training, speaking with Amanda Lollar, and being trained by Kate Rugroden. I’m so grateful I got to attend, I wouldn’t have been able to start the work without this!

Вяра ‘Рохерин’ Крушкова, Bulgaria
They say that one pillar of the free society is the free knowledge. All of the knowledge of Bat World Sanctuary through Amanda Lollar’s book, resources and the advises of Bat World Sanctuary staff, is available to anyone who would like to use it. The workshops provide a synthesis of the theory and practice. Only a teacher can guide the student correctly through the labyrinths of correlation, causes and effects, ways to make decisions. And only the true teacher can give constant inspiration and support. It’s amazing how the more I learn, the more clearly I realize how far ahead the teachers are and I pray to have the strength to follow them! I cannot imagine a better combination of knowledge, endless experience, willingness to share and support, striving for the good for everyone. These are characteristics of the best teachers possible. I owe everything I can to Bat World Sanctuary. I am who I am now because of Bat World Sanctuary. All those thousands of bats that got their second chance in my corner of the world, owe their lives to Bat World Sanctuary. It is a blessing to have those teachers and mentors.

Samantha Cloer, Austria
Over the past 10 years of working with tropical as well as native insectivorous bats here in Austria, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have access to the Bat World books and be able to contact BWS at any time and receive professional and reliable advice. The successes I’ve had in my years as a bat caretaker are largely thanks to BWS, and I’m so thankful that this organization and community exists.

Sarah Young, Washington
I coordinate or provide transport between finders and rehabbers. The BWS website rehabber and transporter location maps as well as the BWS human team have been instrumental in helping finders contact me and helping me get bats to the right people. In fact, it was the BWS website that first connected me as a finder to a rehabber years ago which is how I got started volunteering.

Rosemarie Curcio,Pennsylvania
I attended bat boot camp twice when Amanda was the educator. I learned so much in that brief but valuable time. I use so much of what I have learned in my current bat rehabilitation work. I am and will always be forever grateful to Amanda and Bat World.

Elisa C, Texas
Instructor Kate Rugroden has been so dear and kind as to 1) subpermit me when I was working on obtaining my own permit 2) act as a great resource for bat rehabilitation expertise and advice and 3) frequently hosts great bat and wildlife rehabilitation courses across North Texas. Bat World Sanctuary is a valuable resource for rehab education. ❤️

Sandra Bellomo, Italy
We are immensely grateful for the support and collaboration of Bat World Sanctuary. Their dedication to bat conservation inspires us and helps us make a difference. Being part of their family is a true privilege that enriches our work and unites us in the common mission to protect these extraordinary animals. We are also thrilled about the privilege of going to Texas to attend their courses as soon as the project is realized. It will be an incredible opportunity for learning and growth. 🥰

Big Bend Wildlife Sanctuary Inc., Texas
It doesn’t matter what part of the world you are in the staff at BWS have been there for anyone who reaches out for help regarding bat care, bat education and bat rescue. It is a 24/7 operation to care for any wildlife in need, but bats are very special and vilafide by so many that it is a constant battle to educate the public and change their views and fears of bats. This organization is more than worthy of support. I have been a wildlife rehabilitator for decades and without the help and experience from BWS and others I would have failed these amazing little creatures. Thank you to all that answered the phone or private message when we needed to network with others to do the absolute best for our very important and oh so intelligent flying masters of the skies. We need to save every little bat we can. Please support BWS everyday you can. They maybe the last best hope for bats in the world.

Mc Madeline, Iowa
I first heard about Bat World in 2017 when I lived out in California. I worked at a school, and one day a few children ran up to me and told me they found a bat. I went to see what they’d found and it was a bat. I called Bat World and brought the bat to a rehabber. That was my very first transport. Amanda and Addison are amazing (along with everyone there), they’re kind and helpful people. This organization helps millions of bats and we’re blessed to have their skills, help and knowledge available to us and every bat in need. ❤️🦇🙏🏼

Chris Brannigan, Colorado
I am a relatively new rehabber in Colorado (3 Years). When I set out to obtain my license, there was not a lot of information about bats. The existing rehabbers in my state did their best to care for the bats and teach me, but it was not to my standards, as I had a lot of questions that they could not answer. It was hard to find information locally as our sponsoring vets were dog/cat vets and not familiar with bats or rehab in general. In seeking information, I found Bat World Sanctuary and Bat World Midcities. The information they provide has been invaluable. From the care manual, virtual classes and on line social media groups, I feel they have provided a network of support and information which helps me be a better/more successful and educated rehabilitator in Colorado. The animal care manual is like gold, I would not have had any idea what medications, dose, frequency or duration to use medications and there are no veterinarian’s in my area who would have had a clue. Because Bat World is forging the path, teaching and sharing their information, it is benefitting rehabbers all over the United States and globally. I am very thankful for them.

Hally Lynore, Arizona
My partner and I drove from Arizona to Texas to take the Bat World Beginning and Advanced workshops in 2021 right before I started rehabbing bats. I use what I learned during those workshops nearly every time I interact with a bat. Kate Rugroden is one of the best teachers I’ve had and her guidance has helped me to help hundreds of bats so far. Without Amanda Lollar’s book, I would be in the dark for so many situations. The online classes from Bat World Midcities are very helpful, but nothing beats being able to learn hands-on. A classroom would be an incredible addition to Bat World and would empower many rehabbers help bats.

Ana Mikleušević, Croatia
Without THE book, Amanda’s Rehabilitation guide and captive care of insectivorous bats, my last summer’s bat pups wouldn’t have a chance… I live in Croatia (Europe), we have a wildlife rescue center at Veterinary faculty and a wildlife NGO but we don’t have educated staff for bats and the instructions that a finder or a volunteer gets are wrong. Fortunately, everyone who is interested and willing to learn can download THE book and help a bat in need. ❤
I also took a few online courses which Kate was giving and it helped me a lot. ❤ The impact of BWS education is a huge and so significant that I can’t explain it with my words. I’m extremely grateful for the possibility to educate myself in a bat care/rehabilitation and to have such a wonderful support. THANK YOU! ❤

Steph Morlock, Pennsylvania
I won a scholarship to Bat World Sanctuary rehabilitation workshop in 2008. I spent a week engaging in essential information and hands on experience that would be the fundamental building blocks for years to come. Many years later we received a phone call from our USDA inspector regarding a single fruit bat that was separated from her parents while being kept in a very small bird cage. I knew who to contact, and BWS was there to help in more ways than I could have imagined. Eventually the sweet Egyptian fruit bat named Sarah would arrive safely to her new forever sanctuary. The best outcome for an animal discarded as a novelty. Three years later we are partnering with BWS to help rescue fruit bats in the northeast. Attending Bat World Sanctuary’s rehabilitation workshop years prior would save bats in so many ways. This is an integral support system and vital organization in saving bats throughout the world. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity and everything that has come to fruition from this experience.

Jen Matos, Florida
I fell in love with bats while volunteering my time with a wildlife sanctuary. I started reading the Bat World Rehabilitation Manual and wanted to learn more so I started signing up for the Bat World online classes and then travelled to Texas to attend the Bat World 2-day Bat Rehabilitation work shop where I learned so much more than I could have imagined. I came back home with so much excitement and started to really get heavily involved with bats. Bat World also provided support should I need it with complicated cases. I applied for my own Wildlife Rehabilitation license and opened my own Bat Rescue here in Florida where I take everything from neonates to severe medical cases. Without Bat World, this would not have been possible, so I am so grateful and thankful to them, with an extra special thank you to Amanda and Kate for all their support. 🦇❤️