Rescue Log

In addition to the 700 permanent residents cared for daily at Bat World Sanctuary, the following bats were rescued and released back to the wild (or were provided permanent sanctuary with us if they were not releasable). Also logged are the rescues we directly assisted with nationally and internationally. Click on the entry to see any photos or videos that are available. 

All Day

California- bat stuck to flypaper

 A homeowner near Ramona, CA discovered a bat stuck on a hanging sticky fly trap. We provided guidance on how to keep the bat safely and comfortably contained and located […]

Texas- bat grounded outside store

A young Mexican Free-tail was found grounded outside of a boutique in Mineral Wells, Texas. The finder called us seeking assistance, but it was soon discovered that the little bat […]

Texas- bat inside grocery store

A Mexican Free-tail was found trapped inside of a grocery store in Mineral Wells, Texas. Upon receiving the call, Bat World staff headed into town armed with nets and ladders. […]