Today has been a rather difficult day at the sanctuary. While clouds overlay the skies and veiled the sun, our sweet Coconut crossed the rainbow bridge.

Many of you may remember that Coconut was rescued along with 90 other fruit bats in 2018.  Coconut was full of charisma and as some of you may recall- he was full of drama. Coco would yell and with all his might until he caught the attention

of his caregivers, who were always nearby to settle his dramatic antics with a sweet melon treat. He knew just how to get our attention- and he did. Coco then went on to teach his best friends, Iggy and Crinkles, this smooth trick for scoring extra treats. It works every time. We sometimes get asked if bats can be trained. Bats are wild animals, and cannot be trained. The reality is that they are the ones who train us.

Coconut passed on peacefully in his sleep, snuggling on his favorite hammock with Iggy, who kept him company until the end. Coconut, we will miss you, dramatic old man. Fly high. 🦇