January Rescue News

Dear Bat World Supporter,

 We have had our high and lows this month, including the loss of our dear Starlie and the rescue of a baby pig. Read more of our January news below…


With a heavy heart we regret to inform everyone that Starlie crossed the Rainbow Bridge earlier this month. We announced that she had malignant breast cancer several weeks back and we were hoping that she had more time. Unfortunately, that was not the case – she passed away peacefully with the help of her loving caregivers.

Starlie was surrendered by a zoo in 2019, and she spent 5 years with us enjoying her retirement. She was happy and comfortable right up until the end, lounging in her hammock with friends, munching on her favorite snacks, and being lovingly cared for by her favorite human, Lourdes. We are honored to have been able to care for Starlie, and we’d like to thank everyone for following her story. Starlie is greatly missed, but we know she is now flying high with her dear friends who passed before her, Statler and Chessie. ❤️  


Caring for over 600 bats is no small task! Everyday caregivers have a multitude of duties. From cleaning, feeding, and medicating, to offering enrichment and chopping loads of delicious fruit, we take pride in providing a place where bats in need can live out happy, healthy lives. Everything we do here is done from our hearts, and we do our best to create an environment where the bats can thrive. Our fruit bat enclosure consist of two roosts, our “geribatric” ward, and both an indoor and outdoor flight area which all need to be cleaned daily. While a staff member preps the fruit and treats for the day, others will take care of the daily chores within the enclosure. We are grateful for our volunteers who are able to join us at the sanctuary, and provide assistance with our everyday tasks. It takes a village to care for these wonderful animals. Take a peek into what staff and volunteers do here at Bat World Sanctuary in the video below! If you are local to North Texas and would like to join us as a volunteer, check out our volunteer page to fill out an application!


This month we welcomed Charlie, a little evening bat, who was in rough shape upon arrival. Accidentally having made his way into someone’s home, Charlie was likely trapped for a few days before the homeowner spotted him. Dehydrated and thin, Charlie had somehow made his way into her shower! After safely containing him, the homeowner called us for further assistance, and we sent a staff member out to pick him up. Thankfully, he was unharmed, and after a good meal, some fluids, and a few hours to rest, he looked like a totally different bat!

Charlie will stay with us for another month or two, and be released once temperatures are warmer here in North Texas. He is getting accustomed to the fine dining we provide, and will continue to receive the best of care until he is ready to fly free again in the spring. 



Although bats are our primary focus, we rescue all sorts of animals. Earlier this month staff members spotted a little piggy out the kitchen window, being chased by the kiddos who owned him, and naturally we ran out to help. After being safely returned to his owners, we were told they were wanting to rehome the pig, who they named Clover. He was living in a dog crate and of course needed more room, so staff member Natalie agreed to take him home for the time being. Pigs are very social and emotional animals, and Clover’s wellbeing was the most important thing. Thankfully, there is a pig sanctuary nearby, so Clover was taken there to live with a herd, have lots of land to root in, and a cozy barn. He is being looked after by a pig specialist, so we know he will get the best care. 
Bat World staff members also rescue chickens, dogs, cats, mice, goats, sheep and we provide feeding stations for the wildlife on Bat World’s land. For more rescues like this one please join our “Behind The Scenes” page on Facebook.