Bat Appreciation Day – 4/17/2021!

On this Bat Appreciation Day, why not also honor those who save thousands of bats every single year? Bat rescue does not happen on its own, it requires a trained and skilled set hands and hearts to save all these incredible, deserving beings.

Many people assume that licensed wildlife rehabilitators are subsidized by the government because they provide a service that benefits both people and wildlife. However, nothing could be further from the truth. U.S. wildlife rehabilitators rescue, rehabilitate and provide a safe environment for animals out of their own pockets and the goodness of their hearts. Many of these rescuers sacrifice their own needs in the process.

So, this year, in honor of the incredible bat rehabilitators who save the most misunderstood animal on the planet, we are banding together to help.  Purchases for rehabilitation supplies through our store will be shipped directly to the rehabilitator(s) of your choosing, in your own area or other areas near and dear to your heart. Click here to access a list of bat rescuers and their shipping addresses.

Rehabilitation Supplies Include:

Of course, all of the proceeds from items sold in our store also directly benefits bat rescue, so it’s a win-win for bats. Your participation would be very much appreciated in assisting the frontline hero’s in the world of bats – the rehabilitators.

Thank you for taking part in Bat Appreciation Day!

Bat World Sanctuary