The Largest Bat Sanctuary on Earth

Bat World Sanctuary is on the front line to end the mistreatment of bats. Each year we rescue hundreds of bats who might otherwise die. Lifetime sanctuary is given to non-releasable bats, including those that are orphaned, injured, and rescued from the exotic pet trade, zoos and research facilities. We are also involved in conservation efforts both locally and internationally. 

Bat World was founded in 1994 and is a 501c3 non-profit, accredited organization with the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries.


Mister Bingo Dingo is here to wish you a wonderful evening. 🦇

Bat World Sanctuary is a 501c3 non-profit organization, and we survive completely on public donations. Funds donated go towards food, medication, and enrichment for rescued bats like this! If you enjoy our content, please consider helping us save more lives by sending a donation at ❤️
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Ellis the evening bat pup has a very important message for you...

Please, please do not attempt to feed injured or orphaned wildlife. Little Ellis knows it is done with the best of intentions, but doing so puts little bats like him at risk. Without being properly hydrated first (and that means more than just drinking a little water!), feeding can actually kill them. Most wildlife also require very specialized formula, and information found online about what that species can eat is often incorrect. Going without food for a little while is much, much better than being fed the wrong thing. Often, animals brought in that have been fed cannot be saved. 

If you find an animal in need of help, please use thick gloves or a large towel to get them contained in a box. Keep the box is a dark and quiet space, and call your local wildlife rehabber immediately. Be sure to leave a message as well! If you cannot find someone local to you, don't be afraid to call centers that are further away, so they can help guide you. 🦇
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Sunday fun day! 🦇❤️

Shrugs is a rescued Mexican free tail bat and a permanent resident of the sanctuary.  Due to his wing injury, little Shrugs in unfortunately unable to fly. That never stops him from being the life of the party though! He is full of spunk and personality and gets around just fine in his enclosure, which is not only lined with mesh for easy climbing, but has everything a bat could need within easy reach. 

After a big meal shrugs usually settles into his bed for a quick nap before hanging out with his bat pals! 

We love shrugs and all his cuteness! ❤️
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Happy #Baturday 

Captain and one of the Florida gals are at it again today! We think it’s safe to assume their date went well last week! 😆 

Tonight we made sure they had a taste of luxury with fine dining brought right to them. This takes first dibs on treat time to a whole new level! We love seeing the Captain and the Florida girls getting along so well. ❤️
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Come spend an evening with Audrey and get an inside look at the perfect nighttime routine, narrated by Audrey herself! 😁 

She’s become quite the little vlogger! 

#vlogger #eveningroutine ❤️
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Sometimes, you just gotta sit around for a while. ❤️😁#sitting #hangingaround #goodvibes
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Happy #Batbootyfriday! 🦇

This handsome red rump is brought to us by Bingo the juvenile Eastern red, who was rescued just yesterday evening! 

Bingo found himself separated from mom, likely due to being chased out of a nearby tree by a bird. Fortunately for Bingo, he landed in the yard of a kind family who came to his aid. 

Bingo is going to stay with us for the time being and get some good R&R and then be released back into the wild to fly free once again. 😊

Thank you to the wonderful people who helped save this sweet boy, and a big thank you to Bingo for sharing his cutie patootie and bonus toesies! ❤️
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We are thrilled to announce a generous matching grant offer from Patrick W. of $400 to support the orphaned bats we are rescuing this summer!

Meet Poppy & Paprika, two of our orphaned evening bats currently in care. Despite coming from different locations and arriving at different times, these two have formed an unbreakable bond over the past two weeks. Found alone and cold after a thunderstorm, Poppy was initially thought to be deceased. However, with the warmth of an incubator and fluid injections, she has made a remarkable recovery and is now thriving. Paprika was rescued from a cat attack and luckily escaped serious injury. These two young bats are growing up fast and are currently transitioning from formula to mealworms. Soon they will be learning to fly and socializing with other bats in our flight enclosure, and will eventually be released back to the wild. 

Poppy and Paprika's journey would not be possible without the support of our donors. As the cost of everything continues to rise, donations for formula, medications, and veterinary care are crucial. Your support is needed now more than ever. Any donations made through the link below, up to $400, will be matched by our generous donor, Patrick W. We are incredibly grateful for your support, as it truly makes a difference in the lives of these precious babies.
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Sponsorships help us provide food and medical supplies for the bats who cannot be released back into the wild. Symbolically adopt the bat of your choice by sending a one-time donation of $35.00 (and adopt a second bat for just $25!). A great educational tool, and the perfect gift for bat enthusiasts! Please note: This program supports the bats pictured below (who will live out their lives with us) as well as other bats in need. Bats are occasionally retired due to old age or illness, but otherwise remain in the program for anyone who wishes to support them.

Click on a photo to sponsor any bat below!


  • A personalized adoption certificate
  • A matted 5″ x 7″ glossy photo of your bat
  • Your bat’s personal story
  • A graphic representing the size of your bat
  • The natural history of the species
  • An online subscription to Night Flight News emails.
  • A bat rescue card.
  • A myths and facts card.
  • A beautiful bookmark




The Captain

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