The Largest Bat Sanctuary on Earth

Bat World Sanctuary is on the front line to end the mistreatment of bats. Each year we rescue hundreds of bats who might otherwise die. Lifetime sanctuary is given to non-releasable bats, including those that are orphaned, injured, and rescued from the exotic pet trade, zoos and research facilities. We are also involved in conservation efforts both locally and internationally. 

Bat World was founded in 1994 and is a 501c3 non-profit, accredited organization with the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries.


It's #WishlistWednesday 🦇

Our Wish List is an invaluable tool for donations, and it allows us to spend less time on supply runs, and more time saving bats. If you are interested in sending supplies to the bats, the Amazon Wish List is the place to be. You can find the link below! 

Right now we are in need of fruit fly traps, decaffeinated black tea, metal ice cubes, and stainless steel cleaner! Supplies like these help us keep the sanctuary in tip-top shape and provide the best care to the bats. ❤
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Happy Memorial Day!

Today, we honor the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. We are posting in Loving Memory of Major Luther S. Lollar, Bat World's very first volunteer. If you'd like, please let us know whose memory you are celebrating today. <3
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It's another #HappyMonday #mealwormmunchfest brought to you by our little buddy Ben! Just look at that happy little face! From where are you admiring Ben this fine morning?
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We’ve got a pop quiz for you tonight! Can you guess what sound this bat makes? 😆

Listen closely! This may be a trick question. 🤭 Drop your answer down below, and the correct answer will be revealed in a later post! 

P.S. Ben is a paid actor for this video.
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We need a #BatHero! 🦇

A little bat needs a ride from Toccoa, GA and drop off in LaFayette, GA. If you are able to help with this transport mission, or need additional details, please give us a call at 940-325-3404. 

Want to sign up to help future bats in need? Become a transport volunteer! By signing up with the form linked below you aren’t committing to anything specific. You are simply giving us, as well as other bat rescuers, permission to contact you if we have a bat in need of transport in your area.
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Dinner time with Travis! 

Travis, a rescued Mexican free-tailed bat, has had such an eventful day. From breakfast, to #BatBootyFriday photoshoots, napping, and now dinner. He’s about to head back into the colony for the evening, but before that he had to make sure to give you all the best little munching sounds ever. Give it up for Travis! He’s such a joy to care for here at the sanctuary. ❤️🦇
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Happy #batbootyfriday 

This weeks bat booty model is Travis, who is a rescued Mexican free-tail bat.  Travis loves napping, mealworms, and we think he enjoys showing off what all that hard work does by being one of our bat booty models.  Check back tonight to see a video of him eating his scrumptious dinner. ❤️🦇
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Hey, we don't care how they get to us, as long as they get here safely. 👓🚒

This sweet little newborn evening bat was found in the parking lot of a Fire Station by Firefighter Colby. He grabbed the first thing available, his eyeglass case, and then transported the tiny baby to us. Colby named this little dude "Big Pimpin'. 😆

It's orphan season. By the time the summer is over we will have rescued and hand-raised dozens of sweet little souls like this one. They will be fed round the clock, and, when the time comes, will be able to hone their wings in our flight enclosure before being released back to the wild to eat millions of pesky insects. We feel sure Big Pimpin will be leading the way. <3

(Any donation, no matter how small, helps us save lives. Thank you for anything you can give!)
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Sponsorships help us provide food and medical supplies for the bats who cannot be released back into the wild. Symbolically adopt the bat of your choice by sending a one-time donation of $35.00 (and adopt a second bat for just $25!). A great educational tool, and the perfect gift for bat enthusiasts! Please note: This program supports the bats pictured below (who will live out their lives with us) as well as other bats in need. Bats are occasionally retired due to old age or illness, but otherwise remain in the program for anyone who wishes to support them.

Click on a photo to sponsor any bat below!


  • A personalized adoption certificate
  • A matted 5″ x 7″ glossy photo of your bat
  • Your bat’s personal story
  • A graphic representing the size of your bat
  • The natural history of the species
  • An online subscription to Night Flight News emails.
  • A bat rescue card.
  • A myths and facts card.
  • A beautiful bookmark




The Captain

Benger the Avenger

Little Ernie



Lil Drac