The Largest Bat Sanctuary on Earth

Bat World Sanctuary is on the front line to end the mistreatment of bats. Each year we rescue hundreds of bats who might otherwise die. Lifetime sanctuary is given to non-releasable bats, including those that are orphaned, injured, and rescued from the exotic pet trade, zoos and research facilities.

Bat World was founded in 1994 and is a 501c3 non-profit, accredited organization with the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries.


These 4 lovely, extra-large, large, and medium collectible bats from Mae Bella Creations go live on her Etsy shop at 2 pm Central Time! 

The sale of these precious, hand-crafted bats help support real live bats in need. Make sure you snag yours at 2 pm Central when they go on sale through Mae Bella’s Etsy site. 
See her Facebook post for important details!
🦇Pup season reminder!🦇

From now through the end of August, bats across the United States will be having their pups and expanding their colonies. It is so important that we help protect these bats during this time - with numbers having been declining for years, every new bat born is a win! Bats are crucial to our environment, and protecting them is our number one goal. Unfortunately, bats have a lot going against them, and while public opinion is slowly shifting about our dear little mammals, some agencies and organizations stick to damaging protocols that directly undermines the important work bat rescuers do.

If you find a bat this season that needs help, please understand that not all rescue organizations are the same. There are wildlife rehabilitation organizations out there that will say they accept bats; however, they do not rehabilitate them and instead euthanize *all* bats upon intake. The reasons they do this vary - local laws, lack of proper permits, lack of proper training, or simply a misunderstanding of bats as a species. As disheartening as it is, even organizations such as the Wildlife Center of Texas, who are a subsidiary of SPCA of Texas, run under this protocol. There is a wide array of bat rescuers and volunteer transporters across the country always willing to help, so if you find a bat and don't know a local bat rescue or rehabber, contact us or check out our rescue map for help (linked below). If you find a local rescue on your own, please be sure to ask the rescuer if they rehabilitate and release bats before arranging to drop the animal off. You can also locate a list a safe bat rescuers on our site, or call us directly for help anytime!

Worldwide bat rescue map:

Bat World Sanctuary:
Good morning from Dory the hoary bat ✌️💜🦇 Dory's had "dinner" and will spend the rest of the day napping until "breakfast" tonight. Who else like breakfast for dinner?
The first two fruit bats to ever call Bat World Sanctuary home were two epauletted fruit bats, named Luther and Staley, who were rescued back in 1995. Shortly thereafter, a group of Jamaican fruit bats was rescued from research, and many of these geribatric gentlemen are still with us today. Almost 30 years later, Bat World has saved ~a few more~ fruit bats from zoos, the pet trade, and research. 

About how many rescued fruit bats would you guess currently reside here in 2023?
A. 182
B. 227
C. 400
D. 700

(The answer is D!)
Happy #batbootyfriday! Rosie is nearly a month old and is eating some yummy mushed up bananas mixed with her formula now! She is growing big and strong, and will be eating solid fruits before we know it! But for now, she is tuckered out and showing off that cutie bat-booty!
We need a #BatHero!

A little bat needs a ride from Clifton, TX to either Arlington, or Weatherford, TX. If you are able to help with this transport mission in the next day or two, please call Bat World MidCities at 817-229-5653. Fuel expenses can be reimbursed with receipts through Bat World Sanctuary.
Happy Monday, Peeps!

From Elmer, an elderly Jamaican fruit bat rescued from research two decades ago. Elmer is enjoying the good life, being pampered daily in our "Geribatric" ward at Bat World Sanctuary. 

Please say hello to sweet Elmer, and let him know where you're posting from! :)
If you have an outdoor pool please add a frog log and well as a critter skimmer (comes in round and square, links below). Both of these items can save countless lives every summer, like little “Skimmer” below, a frog-sized evening bat who was found clinging to clump of leaves in a swimming pool in Colleyville, TX, following a severe thunderstorm. Little Skimmer floated in the pool until he was discovered the following morning by the homeowner. He had aspiration pneumonia but was able to recover at our rescue center Bat World MidCities. A frog log may have allowed him to find his way out of the pool and safely fly away. (Photo by J. Sutherland.)

Links to purchase frog logs in comments! They are inexpensive and save countless lives!


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