In 1988, a tiny bat was rescued by founder Amanda Lollar. Believing the myths about bats, but not wanting the bat to suffer, Amanda rescued the bat off the hot sidewalk in hopes of offering a quiet place to die in peace. Amanda then became curious about bats, but there was no internet back then, so she went to her local library to find more information. What she discovered was the complete opposite of everything she had grown up believing about bats. So, she named the little bat “Sunshine” and took her home in hopes of healing her wing and setting her free. Sunshine later became the inspiration for Bat World Sanctuary. Without her, Bat World would have never been formed. Since then, tens of thousands of bats around the world have been rescued in her name. By donating $8.80 monthly (in recognition of the year Sunshine was rescued), you will enable support for 10 bats at only .88 cents each! You can also chose to donate 19.88 monthly which will help us support 22 bats, or any amount you prefer! Even $5 helps us with syringes and emergency medical supplies needed to save these precious beings. In return for your recurring donation, you will receive a monthly email highlighting the lives you helped us rescue. Please sign up today to honor Sunshine’s legacy and help us save our beloved bats!

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