Rescuing Trapped Bats

Over the past week we have been much busier than usual rescuing bats that had become trapped in several businesses that occupy a downtown block in Mineral Wells, Texas. Many of the buildings are old and in need of repair, which allowed the bats access through loose bricks and window frames. The bats ended up in a barber shop, a vacant storage building and a clothing store. As this is being written we have received calls with more bats to rescue today.

Because of all the rescues and emergency treatments for the incoming bats, we have not had time to share some fantastic news. Over the last two weeks we have received two incredible matching grant offers for the  lifetime care of the Michigan 90! One challenge is for $2,000 and the other is for $15,000!!! Both grants have been entered into our fundraiser page – please click here to help us earn these wonderful challenge grants for the Michigan 90.

Our progress in creating a life of joy for the Michigan 90 has continued during the many hours we have devoted to rescuing local bats as well as those worldwide. These once abused and neglected bats are doing so well. The little balding short-tailed fruit bats are growing a lush coat of fur, and Chessie, Walter and Statler have all gained weight. With their toe claws properly trimmed, they spend their new-found freedom exploring enrichment items and finding bits of mango and papaya hidden in treat cups throughout the enclosure. In particular, the African fruit bats have just blossomed. Their shyness has disappeared and they now wait eagerly with the other fruit bats at treat time, excitedly squawking in anticipation of a melon treat and even impatiently reaching out to get the treat faster as it heads their way.

Bat House Pup Catcher
Please remember, baby bat season is just around the corner. If you have a bat house please consider adding a pup catcher to save tiny babies who may accidentally fall from the house. It’s simple to create, costs very little and is proven to save lives. Click here for free instructions.
In addition to the 300+ permanent residents cared for daily at Bat World Sanctuary, we rescue hundreds of bats annually and return them back to the wild. We also support organizations both nationally and internationally that rescue bats. We track our efforts on our Rescue Log which highlights the work we’re doing across the globe. When you join the Sunshine Rescue Club you help us continue our work on behalf of bats the world over. Click here to learn more about the Sunshine Rescue Club.