In Loving Memory of David Naranjo

Our Hearts Are Broken……

We lost our shining star, David Naranjo, March 29, 2018 in a tragic car accident. It is impossible to express the pain we feel over the loss of David. He truly loved the bats and Bat World Sanctuary, and he lived at the facility.  Please know that the person whose words you read on some of our recent Facebook posts are those of David, whose likes and shares surpassed our own.

Although David was only with us for 6 months, little by little, that undeniable light that he had shining from within grew with each passing day; a light that touched the soul of those who knew him.  David’s tenderness with the animals that gravitated towards him was tangible; his expressive face would beam at the opportunity to gain more knowledge about the bats, and they thrived in his care as he embraced them for all that they are.

David was 6’9” tall and we use to laugh together at how his extraordinary height made him even more perfect for the job because he could reach any bat without a ladder. David physically towered over others but most of all he soared to heights of humanity that most of us can only dream of attaining.  Many young people these days seem to only talk-the-talk, but David walked-the-walk without speaking a word. He was brilliant, yet he was humble; he was gentle, but so very strong; he was dedicated, kind and talented. In the short time we were privileged to know him, we feel that we had barely scratched the surface of the greatness he possessed.

David ~ We can still hear your laughter and feel your presence.  We miss you so much dear, sweet David.  May you always travel on the wings of the bats that you loved so much.

David and Peekaboo, an Egyptian fruit bat who loved the fact that David was tall enough to see her face to face.

11 thoughts on “In Loving Memory of David Naranjo”

  1. Tragic loss of a splendid person. So sorry for all who loved him. Perhaps his soul is winging through the night air with the creatures he loved?

  2. I don’t even know him, but I’m sitting here crying. So sad to lose such a wonderful animal lover. Just from this picture you can see how much he loved the bats. 

  3. David’s loss is a loss for the animals and the planet. May he reap his richly deserved rewards in the next life!

  4. All my Deepest Heartfelt Condolences to all who loved David … His Family, His Friends and his Bats … Know he is taking care of all the Bats who have passed on … Namaste Dear David… PS: if you find you need a helping hand up there … Just call on a Angel (or God ) to help you out. They are always ready to help our bats in need…. and if my cancer takes me soon …. I will help you … all my love , Mom McDaniel

  5. How heavy my heart became to hear of this very special person’s passing. He and Peakaboo are together. We need more love and compassion for all beings, they served as ambassadors for both.

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