Happy Valentine’s Day from the Bats ♥

An early Happy Valentine’s Day to you! We appreciate all the love you share with our rescued bats.

So far this year we have had 44 bat rescues, including Cookie, pictured here. Cookie, a young evening bat, came to us from a family who found her when they took down a bat house in Weatherford, TX. They did not realize she was in there as all the other bats had left for the winter. Although we recommend against removing bat houses when bats may be taking shelter in them, this time it was lucky they did. This little one would likely have frozen to death if she hadn’t been discovered. Little “Cookie” will ride out the cold weather with us and others of her kind. When insects are once again plentiful in the spring, she will be assessed for release. If for some reason, she is unable to go free, she will stay with us for as long as she needs. Click to watch her video.

This beautiful yellow bat, pictured below, hit the glass window at a Ford dealership in Fort Worth, TX. “Kate” was rescued by Bat World MidCities and thankfully does not have any broken bones. She will be monitored for a possible head injury over the next several days and will stay in care until spring when the weather is warm enough for her to be released.

Several bats were found trapped in an office building in Sofia, Bulgaria. They were rescued by Bat World Bulgaria where they were thankfully found to be uninjured and not in terrible shape. Bat World Bulgaria rescued several more trapped bats from the same building. All of the bats will spend the winter receiving supportive care. They will be released back to the wild when the weather is warms enough to produce flying insects.

Please take a moment to browse through our rescue log and learn more about the many rescues you supported this month. These rescues happen because of the kindness and generosity of donors like you and supporters who have joined our Sunshine Rescue Club. For more information on how you can join the Sunshine Rescue Club and help us save more lives, click here.

Last, but not least, please enjoy this photo collage of rescued short-tailed fruit bats playing with vinyl toy hearts.

Thank you so much for the love you show for the bats! We could not do our job without your heartfelt support.

Bat World Sanctuary