2020 Year in Review

We hope our Annual Report and our year-end Faces of Rescue video will bring you joy in seeing and reading how successful we have been this year and show you just where your dollars go when you donate to Bat World Sanctuary.  As they say, one picture is worth a thousand words and you can see for yourself the contentment in the bats faces.  Bats have the ability to know when they are being helped and it is you who have saved them with your heart and our hands.

This past year we rescued almost 700 bats who would not have survived without our intervention. The only way we can alter the deadly course each bat was on has always been and will always be with your help. As you watch this video, or look through the pages of the magazine, know full well that you made it possible for us to heal the injured, save the orphans, and give lifetime sanctuary to the disabled, aged and unwanted bats who were once part of the cruel, exotic pet trade, research and those who have suffered at the hands of humans.

2020 has been a very difficult year for all, but during this holiday season, please consider participating in GIVING TUESDAY by sending a donation to help us save even more lives in the coming year.  Any amount you send, no matter how small, will allow us to continue rescuing the animals we all cherish. From the bottom of our hearts, and from the tips of those tiny bat toes, we thank you for your everlasting support. Click here to donate.


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