The list of exclusion companies below are currently approved by Bat World Sanctuary. If you do not see a company in your state, please contact us so we can attempt to locate an ethical exclusion company for you.

Please note that ethical exclusion companies do not engage in scare tactics about bats, including false statements that bats pose a risk of aerosolized rabies and histoplasmosis when roosting in homes. Additionally, ethical exclusion companies never exclude bats during baby season (May through August in northern states, May through early September in southern states). Exclusion companies should also never handle individual bats using inhumane methods, as seen here. If you have hired a company listed below and have found any of the above to occur please contact us.

Alabama: Wildlife Solutions, Inc. (251) 654-6778
New Mexico: RD Wildlife
Michigan: Critter Catchers
Missouri: Bats in the Attic
Pennsylvania: Bat Conservation and Management
Ohio: Propestmen.com
Texas: Apex Wildlife Solutions, 911 Wildlife
(Houston area: Phil Lindhurst, [email protected] or 713-981-9576)
Virginia: Humane Wildlife Conflict Resolution – (703) 291-1845

To Find A Guano Cleanup Company, visit this link.

Note: to bat exclusion companies. To be considered for this page please email your company URL to [email protected])