Bat Condo mounted at the National Vietnam War Museum

We are so very proud to partner with the National Vietnam War Museum on a big bat house project! The bat house is being mounted in Memory of Major Luther S. Lollar, who served in Vietnam twice and was instrumental in getting Bat World Sanctuary off the ground in 1994. He helped our organization with numerous projects and donations until his passing in 2012.

The bat condo was built by instructor Jeff Williams and the students of the 2022-2023 Building Trades classes of Mineral Wells High School. Completion and mounting of the bat house was done by our favorite contractors, Arturo and Nelson, using a Sky Track that was generously donated for the day by Clay Godwin of Mineral Wells Rent-All.

A huge thank you to Jim Messinger and the Board of the National Vietnam War Museum for allowing the bat house to be mounted in the absolute perfect location. The bats occupying the old buildings in downtown Mineral Wells that are currently under renovation will hopefully soon call this bat condo “home.” This has been a fantastic community project that will hopefully draw attention to the benefits of bats as well as the many Heroes of the Vietnam War.  ❤