1993 – 2006

Annie, on arrival at Bat World Sanctuary, and before her teeth were extracted. Click to enlarge.


Annie arrived to us in February of 2002, in a small, plastic container. She was clinging desperately to a thin cloth, her only protection.

Her mouth contained rotten, abscessed reminders of glistening, white teeth. It was hard to believe that her sparse, dry fur was once thick and golden brown. Large bald spots revealed a gaunt form underneath. Her tiny, trembling body weighed only half of what it should, making her head appear over-sized. But despite all that she had lost, her dignity remained.

Annie was part of an educational exhibit owned by a science center on the east coast and was one of only two survivors of the eight big browns that the center originally obtained. Annie was acquired by the center in September of 1996 at about three years of age. Her medical records revealed horrible neglect over the course of several years.

Annie experienced remarkable healing just two days after her teeth were extracted. Click to enlarge.

Although we could never give Annie what had been taken from her, we gave her the medical attention she desperately needed. Annie was started on antibiotics immediately after she arrived. She were hydrated, groomed and fed a blended, high-calorie insect mixture. The following day all of Annie’s teeth were extracted. The healing response was almost immediate.

Annie gained weight and grew a beautiful new coat of fur. She spent the next four years in a flight cage with 50 non-releasable bats of various species, never again having to endure the bright lights of being on display to the public. Annie was hand-fed all she could eat two times a day, and seemed immensely happy. In November of 2006, Annie succumbed to liver failure. She endured so much in her short life, and we are happy that her final years with us were happy and pain free. Annie was a brave soul who will never be forgotten.