A Grueling Rescue

This weekend has been grueling. We’ve rescued over 70 starving and critical juvenile bats from old, vacant apartments over a store. Sadly, over 200 juvenile bats lost their lives after becoming trapped in bathtubs and sinks.
As soon as we found out we went to rescue all we could find alive. We worked in the heat to seal off areas where they were coming inside and getting trapped (they can still use their attic roost but hopefully can no longer get into the interior of the building). We are going up to the building every morning for the remainder of baby season to make sure to find and rescue any bats who may have been hiding.
Among those we have rescued so far is an infant bat missing a foot, a bat with a broken wing, and two severely undersized juvies. These four pups will get lifetime sanctuary with us. Amazingly, one bat was found inside a broken light fixture that was inside a CLOSED kitchen cabinet. How he ended up in there is anyone’s guess – we are just thankful that he was found in time to save him.
An infant free-tail pup missing a foot. She will be given lifetime sanctuary with us. A juvenile free-tail bat rescued after being found in a broken light fixture that was inside a closed kitchen cabinet.
To date, sixty of the bats rescued have recovered and were released into our bat castle today, where they are free to leave at will tonight. Our bat castle was built for wild bats needing a safe home and will hold 100,000 bats. Fingers crossed these pups decide to settle in to the castle rather than flying back to their potentially still dangerous roost.

It’s been a tough summer and it’s not over yet. Without the support of caring people like you, we could not save bats in trouble. We are so grateful to have the help of our supporters, especially during rough orphan seasons like this one. ❤