Ways to Help

Shop for Your Cause is a unique way to shop and influence the world around us. Sign up is simple – choose Bat World Sanctuary, shop the same as you normally would and Shop for your Cause donates a percentage of the purchase to help us save bats!


If you shop at Amazon.com, please create an Amazon Smile account and choose Bat World Sanctuary as your designated charity. Every time to sign into Amazon Smile and shop, Amazon Smile will send us a donation!


Please see our AMAZON WISH LIST for supplies that use on a regular basis, including vitamin supplements, feeding supplies, fruit bat toys, apples, canned fruit nitrite gloves, paper towels and a lot of other stuff! Please sign in to Amazon using iGive (below) and the bats will also receive money! (Itty bitty wish list item that is not on Amazon: 3ml O-ring syringes for hand-feeding convalescing bats. Ship to BWS, 217 N. Oak Ave., Mineral Wells, TX 76067.)

iGive Up to 35% of your purchases will go directly to our cause! Over 200 online retailers to choose from. The process is simple: 1). Enter Bat World Sanctuary in the “Cause” box . 2). Take a moment to register. 3). Start shopping!

Cars 4 Causes® specializes in car, RV, motorcycle and boat donations. Your donation of an unwanted vehicle could help us raise money to save lives. Cars for Causes has contributed more than $20 million to more than 11,000 charities, all from the proceeds of vehicle donations. Just click the icon to get started!

What if Bat World Sanctuary earned a penny every time you searched the Internet? Just click the Goodsearch logo and be sure to enter Bat World Sanctuary as the charity you want to support. And please help bats more by spreading the word!

Eat at a GoodDining participating restaurant and earn %6 for Bat World Sanctuary with every meal! Click to sign up.

Send them to us–we can turn them into life-saving cash through the PlanetGreenRecycle!
Send your empty ink cartridges and toners to:
Bat World Sanctuary
217 N. Oak Ave.
Mineral Wells, TX 76067

Click here to learn various ways you can help bats from the comfort of your home.

We are building a new facility that will enable us to save bats for decades to come. A donation of any size will help this critical need!


Click on the logos below to purchase items through their sites. Thank you for helping bats by shopping at the sites below!

Bat World images on candles that smell smell great and are environmentally friendly. Each candle brings us $6. Enough to feed and medicate and injured bast for a two days! Visit Charitywicks to see our entire selection!

Share A Bottle of Wine and Share Our Story…
Depending on what you purchase, Bat World Sanctuary gets $6 to $34 to aid our rescue efforts.

Beautiful artwork by artist Sarah Kennedy (who illustrated our children’s book, Baby See-through) with all of the proceeds benefiting Bat World Sanctuary.

More incredible art for bats, available to download and print, with the proceeds benefiting Bat World and other rescue groups around the world.

Batty Nail polish, made by Ruby White Tips specifically for Bat World and named after the rescued bats. Choose from Peekaboo pink, Poppy red, Cornelius green, Ethereal, and Boo2 Blue, with more colors to come!

Starrlight Jewelry & Designs was founded to help orphan, stray, feral and sick felines and other animals. Check out the incredible jewelry created by Starrlight, and please purchase generously!

Kismata Jewelry periodically donates a percentage of the proceeds on certain pieces of jewelry to Bat World Sanctuary. Check out the page to all the goodies offered by Kismata!

$7.52 of EVERY purchase at the karma52.org entire online shop will be given back to Bat World Sanctuary by Karma52! Please remember, in order for us to receive $7.52 you must add a comment that you are making a purchase to support Bat World Sanctuary. Thank you!