Please help lost bats!
Bats sometimes find their way inside human structures during the spring and fall for a number of reasons. They could be youngsters experiencing their first migration and have lost their way, or they could be confused adults who have lost their habitat due to human encroachment. Please be kind to bats; never place them outside in rainy or harsh weather as that is a death sentence. Instead, see the information on this page and if needed, call a rescuer in your area right away. There are instructions below our Locate a Rescuer map on how to safely contain a bat until help can be found. Please also remember to protect yourself while protecting them – never rescue a bat barehanded.


Bats are clean, gentle and intelligent, they are vital to the ecosystem, and they enhance our lives in many ways. Fruit and nectar bats bring us approximately 450 commercial products and over 80 different medicines through seed dispersal and pollination. Up to 98% of all rainforest regrowth comes from seeds that have been spread by fruit bats. Insect-eating bats are literal vacuum cleaners of the night skies, eating millions upon millions of harmful bugs. They protect us by eating insect-pests that destroy crops as well as insects that cause human disease.


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rescue work video pic_edited-1Bat World Sanctuary is on the front line to end the mistreatment of bats.  Each year we rescue hundreds of bats who might otherwise die. Lifetime sanctuary is given to non-releasable bats, including those that are orphaned, injured, and retired from the exotic pet trade, zoos and research facilities. Bat World was founded in 1994 and is a 501c3 non-profit, accredited organization with the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. Donations allow us to continue our rescue efforts for bats.


22 hours ago

Bat World Sanctuary

Thankfully this one was saved. Please please please NEVER USE BARBARIC GLUE TRAPS. These torture devices should be outlawed. All sorts of animals get caught in them and die slow, horrific deaths. Please spread the word.It’s so important to understand our actions have dire consequences. This poor girl came to us an hour ago. Her face, wings, foot and entire abdomen were stuck to the very strong adhesive. The position of her right arm is very uncomfortable, stuck in an unnatural position. This adhesive is designed to make sure nothing can escape. Within 10 minutes she was gently, and safely removed and relieved to finally be more comfortable. She is quietly recovering. Please do not use/buy glue traps, this may not be intended to trap bats but big browns don’t just dine on mosquitos in fact a majority of their consumption is beetles, they also enjoy consuming spiders. It’s difficult for us to rehabilitate these beautiful creatures just to release them back into a world where they may become a victim to the spotted lantern fly tree bands, and other glue traps. Next time they may not be fortunate enough to receive care. Please don’t use glue bands or glue traps!
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