The Sunday 16

We rescue starving orphaned free-tailed bats from our wild sanctuary every summer. Normally we find and save one to two per day, but one Sunday in July of 2012, we rescued 16. The videos below tell the story of The Sunday Sixteen.

One thought on “The Sunday 16”

  1. I am SO glad to hear that these lovelies were not only saved, but are flying freely even now. Bats are such beautiful darlings, and I have admired the acrobatics and laughed at the antics of wild bats flying around lights for years. I’ve even had one swoop in to save me from an “evil” moth flying near my face, one summer night. (A witness, thoroughly scared by this, asked why I wasn’t “freaked out by having a potentially rabid animal try to attack” me. I hope I left her better informed about bats after the lecture!) Lovely videos! I would have loved sound though, to hear their cute little squeeks and chirps! I bet they were rather vocal about the meal worms!

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