Protected bats take flight in Devetashka Cave.

The movie “The Expendables 2” caused massive damage to a cave that has a status of a natural monument. Bulgaria’s environmental protection agency had already fined the Hollywood production company for unlawfully removing shrubs and small trees, when something far worse occurred. The producers had promised to refrain from explosions, car chases and fires in close proximity to the cave in order to protect the bats roosting inside the cave, but apparently did not keep that promise. The sleeping bats were subjected to stress, loud noise from heavy machinery and construction works, bright projector lights and crowds of people which kept them awake during a period when they should have been hibernating. On later investigation, no bats could even be located in areas of the cave where they would normally be hibernating. Instead, the tire tracks of large vehicles, likely used during the shoot, were found in those areas. Bat expert Antonia Hubancheva, who visited the cave after the shooting, said the damage was “unquestionable. The cave was home to 15 protected species of bats, or half of all bats found in Bulgaria. UPDATE: Court Rules in Favor of Hollywood-harmed Bats.

Please send a letter to the filmmakers Millennium Films and Warner Brothers. Let them know that you intend to boycott “The Expendables 2”, and send a message that you will not tolerate behavior that includes disregard for wildlife and wildlife habitat. A sample letter is included below.

Millennium email address: [email protected]
Warner Brothers web form: http://www.warnerbros.com/help/customer-service.html

Dear Millennium Films and Warner Brothers,

Devetashka Cave in central northern Bulgaria, Lovech Region, is considered one of the most important bat habitats in Europe, yet the making of the Expendables 2 caused the deaths of bats roosting in that cave. The sacrifice of these bats was unjustified, unsustainable, and morally wrong.

I intend to tell all my friends about the irresponsible behavior which caused a loss of life to thousands of protected bats, in one of the most valuable bat habitats in Europe. I also intend to actively encourage the boycott of The Expendables 2, and will encourage my friends and family to also boycott your film. As a purportedly ethical society, it is time we moved beyond the practice of sacrificing free-living animals for entertainment.

Bats are in rapid decline around the world. As primary predators of vast quantities of night-flying insects, including serious crop pests, bats are important to the agricultural interests of the planet. Foe more information about bats and how they help our planet please visit www.batworld.org.



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