Contempt Filed Against Mary Cummins

“Defendant Mary Cummins was duty-bound to obey the commands of the Court contained in the judgment. Defendant failed and refused, and continues to fail and refuse to obey the commands of the Court. Specifically, Defendant has intentionally violated the Court’s order by failing and refusing to permanently remove the above-described statements from the internet. Each statement which Defendant failed and refused to permanently remove constitutes a separate act of contempt of court.

On return of such show cause order, the judge shall proceed to hear proof, and if satisfied that such person has disobeyed the injunction, either directly or indirectly, may commit such person to jail without bail until he purges himself of such contempt, in such manner and form as the judge may direct.

Because Defendant, Mary Cummins, continues to fail and refuses to obey the commands of the Court contained in the injunction, Movant has no alternative but to institute this contempt proceeding to have Defendant held in contempt of court and punished in accordance with Rule 692 of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure.

WHEREFORE, Movant requests that Defendant, Mary Cummins, be ordered to appear before the Court at a designated date and time and show cause why she should not be held in contempt of court for violations of the injunction contained in the August 27, 2012 Final Judgment and punished accordingly.”


Mary Cummins False Reports to Government Agencies

Mary Cummins has made numerous false reports to USDA about Bat World Sanctuary. After making her false allegations, Mary Cummins then sent Freedom of Information Act requests (FOIAs) to USDA to obtain her complaints against us. She then manipulated the FOIA’d documents she received to make it appear that we had violated our USDA permit, and our permit was therefore cancelled/revoked. (In reality, we cancelled our USDA permit as we no longer needed it.)

Cummins then uploaded her manipulated documents to the internet to spread her venom far and wide through numerous blogs and Facebook posts. Cummins tries to represent herself as “an advocate for animals” and “a whistleblower” by continually posting this false and misleading information even after she was sued for defamation and ordered to pay Bat World Sanctuarty and Amanda Lollar in excess of SIX MILLION DOLLARS.

In a document received via a Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA) we have uncovered yet another example of the maniacal intent of Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates (a decade-long suspended non-profit in the state of California), towards Bat World Sanctuary. In one tactic, Mary Cummins repeatedly posts an email from a USDA veterinarian (Dr. Laurie Gage) charging Amanda Lollar with “violations” among other things. The letter that Gage wrote was in response to a manipulated video that Cummins sent to the USDA in retaliation against Bat World Sanctuary after we sued Cummins. Dr. Gage made her comments about the video based on the manipulated portions she viewed. However, it has come to light that Dr. Laurie Gage is LINKED to Cyber-stalker Mary Cummins through a mutual friend, Dr. Jennifer Conrad. Mary Cummins has identified Dr. Conrad as her ‘best friend’ who likes to take Cummins on trips to Spain and various other outings. Jennifer Conrad was a classmate of Laurie Gage and they both work on big cat related projects together. Did Dr. Laurie Gage, the USDA Big Cat and Marine Mammal Specialist, collude with Mary Cummins and sidekick Dr. Jennifer Conrad to help Cummins out of a lawsuit? It is highly suspicious that Mary Cummins knew to ask for a specific email that was not even in Bat World Sanctuary’s file, and she asked for it repeatedly until she received it.

To this day Mary Cummins likes to post that the “head USDA vet, Dr. Laurie Gage, stated Amanda Lollar was in violation of the AWA.” Not according to the real head of the USDA (who is Dr. Laurie Gage’s boss), Dr. Robert Gibbens:

It’s important to also note that after the numerous false complaints made by Cummins, Amanda Lollar willingly submitted to numerous government investigations, including a 5 hour legal fact-finding by the USDA. Every complaint Cummins made was found to be baseless.

Learned professionals from every bat inhabited continent in the world have sought out and been trained by our Founder. Literally millions of bats lives have been saved due to Amanda Lollar’s intervention, which made Mary Cummins relentless defamation of our sanctuary even more damaging. After Mary Cummins was sued, two veterinarians testified in court for Amanda Lollar (Search the trial transcript for “Dr. Jarrett” and “Dr. Messner” to read their compelling testimony).

It is unfortunate that the USDA had a “Big Cat and Marine Mammal Specialist” review anything whatsoever concerning a bat sanctuary. Any bat trained veterinarian or even a veterinarian specializing in wildlife and exotics would not have been fooled by the altered video. Since Bat World Sanctuary and Amanda Lollar’s name was cleared by every single government agency and animal rights organizations, Bat World is listed as the NUMBER ONE sanctuary to which people should donate.

This is a prime example of why people should fight back when they encounter a cyber-monster and they are being cyber-stalked, cyber-harassed and defamed.

In hopes of helping others who have been or are being cyber-stalked/cyber-harassed, we have created a Facebook page, Stand up to Cyber-Stalkers, to help others regain control of their lives including tactics to fight back. Many people have credited the page with changing their lives for the better.

Mary Cummins, of “Animal Advocates,” is mentally troubled, obsessive, vindictive and relentless. The above information shows the lengths Cummins will go to in order to cause damage to an all-volunteer organization that relies solely on donations to save animals.

For additional information about Mary Cummins see this link.

Mary Cummins Stalks Bat World’s Attorney

This page is a copy-paste of a page created by Randy Turner, Bat World’s attorney, in response to numerous blogs, websites, and social media postings created by our cyber-stalker to ruin Randy’s online reputation.

Defamation of Randy’s client

A mentally unbalanced cyber-stalker in Beverly Hills, California has dedicated much of her life to spreading lies about Randy on the internet and ruining his online reputation to get revenge for a lawsuit he won against her.  It started when Randy agreed to represent Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary in a defamation lawsuit against a woman named Mary Cummins, who says she is the president of something she calls “Animal Advocates,” a suspended non-profit in California.  Bat World Sanctuary is the largest rescue/rehabilitation/teaching sanctuary in the world that is dedicated exclusively to bats.  Amanda Lollar, its founder and president, is an internationally renowned bat expert.  Cummins had briefly interned at Bat World in 2010 but apparently found the work too challenging to complete and left the internship disgruntled. Almost immediately Cummins began defaming Amanda on the internet, falsely accusing her of being cruel to animals, practicing veterinary medicine without a license, getting sanctioned by animal regulatory authorities, and countless other outlandish and false claims.  She also started filing complaints against Amanda with virtually every federal and state law enforcement and animal regulatory agency in Texas.  Needless to say, Amanda and Bat World were completely exonerated by all resulting investigations; the investigative reports may be viewed at the Bat World website.  Randy agreed to take the case pro bono and filed suit against Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates to stop her defamation.

The cyber-stalker’s own attorney tells the court she lied

Cummins initially had a lawyer but he withdrew from the case early in the litigation, informing the court that Cummins had lied and her “wild claims are false.”  Cummins even claimed that Randy physically “assaulted” her during her video-recorded deposition while her lawyer was “asleep.” This absurd allegation was refuted by her own lawyer and disproved by the court reporter’s affidavit and, of course, the video.  Cummins would not consent to her lawyer withdrawing from the case but, after a court hearing in which her lawyer described Cummins’ bizarre claims and lies, the judge allowed him to withdraw.

$6.1 million judgment against the cyber-stalker

During a four-day trial in June 2012 highly trained expert veterinarians, wildlife rehabilitators and other experts from around the United States testified that Amanda’s knowledge, care, and treatment of bats are the gold standard among wildlife rehabilitators. Witness after witness testified about Amanda’s love, devotion and compassion toward animals and totally disproved each and every malicious lie Cummins had spread across the internet. After listening to all of the witnesses, viewing videos, and scientific literature, and after considering Cummins’ testimony as well as all her “evidence,” Judge Bill Brigham not only found that Cummins’ accusations against Amanda were completely false but that her lies were “egregious as well as malicious as well as intentional.”  He further stated on the record that Amanda Lollar is to bats what Jane Goodall is to primates. He ordered Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates to pay $6.1 million in actual and punitive damages as well as attorney’s fees (read Star-Telegram article.) He also ordered her to remove the defamation from the internet.

An internet smear and intimidation campaign

Following the trial the cyber-stalker launched a comprehensive internet smear campaign against everyone she apparently now blames for her misery—Randy, Amanda, Judge Brigham, Judge Sudderth, Eric Shupps (the IT expert who testified at trial), and even the process server who served her with the lawsuit papers. She later added Amanda’s California lawyer and California Judge Goodson to her obsessive vendetta.  She has created numerous websites, blogs, and social media pages designed to destroy these people’s reputations and ruin them on the internet.  She has also published on the internet as much personal information as she could dig up about them and their families–including home addresses, dates of birth, children’s names and birth dates, spouses’ names, birth dates and employers, where children attend school, parents, monthly income, a brother’s suicide, court records from an old bankruptcy, eating habits, divorce information, educational backgrounds, non-profit boards that a spouse serves on, photographs and real estate information on a home for sale, bank records, a judge’s personal hobby, high school yearbook photographs, veterinary records of pets, and countless other items of personal information. For example, the cyber-stalker posted on the internet that Randy’s son is adopted.  Of course there is only one reason why a person would do this. Fortunately, Randy’s son already knew he was adopted. When Cummins was unable to dig up any “dirt” on Randy, she concocted outrageous, bizarre, and sometimes despicable lies about him and posted them all over blogs, websites, and social media pages. This cyber-stalker makes money doing search engine optimization so she knows how to spread her venom far and wide across the web and get it near the top of Google searches.

Stalking a war hero in a nursing home?

During a deposition the cyber-stalker repeatedly asked Amanda where her father lived and which nursing home he was in.  Amanda, quite understandably, repeatedly refused to tell her.  This caused Cummins to angrily announce in frustration, “I reserve the right to depose Ms. Lollar again to get the name of the nursing home!” After the deposition Cummins bizarrely posted on the internet, “I have no desire to harass her dad in a nursing home. I’ve known where he is living for over a year.”  Amanda’s elderly father had absolutely nothing to do with Cummins or the lawsuit. Major Luther Lollar was a kind and gentle man, quietly spending the last part of his life in a nursing home.  He was a highly decorated WWII and Vietnam combat veteran who had saved the lives of many fellow soldiers in battle.  He was a true American hero and he was none of Cummins’ business.  Why did she want to know where he lived?  Why did she go to the trouble a year earlier to find out where he lived?  Cummins’ interrogation of Amanda about her dad’s location followed by her sinister announcement that she had known where he was all along were clearly intended as a thinly-veiled threat.  Amanda’s dad had nothing to do with Cummins or the case. This deranged cyber-stalker’s sick obsession with Amanda’s loving, helpless father terrified Amanda, especially given another unrelated post where Cummins stated, “I have a gun with hollow points; I bought this one for shooting at close range; I can instantly drop someone with this gun and these bullets.”  Amanda had no way of knowing what this depraved woman had in mind for her dad.

Punishing the judges

The cyber-stalker does not tolerate judges who rule against her. Even the distinguished judge who presided over the Texas trial did not escape her rage.  Not content with smearing Judge Brigham on the internet, Cummins publicly posted a six-page rambling complaint that she said she filed against him with the Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct almost a year after the trial. The complaint is nothing more than another one of her sociopathic rants.  It will be dismissed of course, which will inevitably send the cyber-stalker back to the drawing board to figure out another way to punish the judge.  Cummins also launched an internet smear campaign against a California judge who denied her preposterous application for a restraining order against Amanda. (See below).  She created a blog about the judge on the internet and published as much personal information about the judge’s family as she was able to dig up, including information about the judge’s father, husband, ex-husband, her daughter’s name and date of birth, a link to a list of all the judge’s assets and investments, the judge’s income, information about her ex-husband’s new wife and daughter and their horse hobby, and much much more.  As usual–and consistent with her standard tactic of filing complaints against her victims with government agencies–Cummins announced that she will “make a report to the judicial commission.”  Like her complaint against Judge Brigham it will be thrown out, of course, but not before achieving its desired harassment effect.

Frivolous lawsuits in federal court

The cyber-stalker also started filing frivolous lawsuits against Amanda in federal court to get revenge against her. Of course no lawyer is representing her in these personal vendettas but, because she has been involved in over 20 lawsuits around the U.S. and has been sued at least four times for defamation, she is savvy enough to act as her own lawyer. In fact, Cummins boasts on her blog, “I always represent myself and I always win.” She filed a federal lawsuit in California against Amanda and three perceived enemies from many years ago along with ten anonymous “John Does,” alleging defamation and various idiotic legal theories she most likely found by doing a Google search.  Incredibly, she even sued Eric Shupps, the IT expert who testified against her at trial, claiming he “defamed” her and “inflicted emotional distress” on her. (His trial testimony actually was very compelling and probably did cause her some distress.) As usual her frivolous lawsuit against this expert witness was quickly thrown out by the judge. Although Cummins also tried desperately to convince the judge that her lawsuit against Amanda and her “John Does” was not frivolous her entire case was summarily thrown out of court. She tried to appeal the judge’s ruling but the Court of Appeals dismissed her frivolous appeal.

Because her harassment lawsuit against Amanda was a total loser, Cummins decided to file a second retaliation lawsuit in California federal court against Amanda. In this second case she added 15 new defendants–some of whom were on Bat World’s board of directors and others no one has ever heard of–claiming that she had been wronged in various ways while she was at Bat World.  One of her sillier allegations was that she had bumped her head while trying to climb through a window at Bat World and it was somehow the fault of these 15 people who were not even in the same city when it supposedly happened. After ruling that Cummins had acted in “bad faith” the judge threw out most of her allegations in this second frivolous lawsuit and then transferred her bump-on-the-head claim to a Texas court.  Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is demanding $500,000 in her head-bump lawsuit for her supposed “injuries.” The Texas judge, on his own and without being asked, promptly dismissed 13 of her victims from the lawsuit.  Fortunately, her head-bump claim against Amanda and two others is going to be dismissed by summary judgment so that the court’s time will not be wasted on a trial.

Predictably, not long after her first two frivolous lawsuits were tossed out of California federal court Cummins decided to try her luck in state court and filed a third harassment lawsuit against Amanda to get revenge, this time in California superior court.

Frivolous lawsuits in state court

As expected, after listening to Cummins try to justify her third ridiculous lawsuit in which she requested a restraining order against Amanda, the superior court judge not only threw it out, she also ordered Cummins to pay Amanda’s lawyers over $6,000 in attorney’s fees for having to respond to such a frivolous lawsuit.  The fact that the judge ordered her to pay the other side’s attorney’s fees speaks volumes, since judges normally only do this in the most blatant cases of lawsuit abuse.  Of course the cyber-stalker was furious and within hours after the court’s ruling, she was back at her computer, viciously attacking and smearing the judge on the internet. It seems she didn’t appreciate the judge throwing out her lawsuit and telling her to “get out there and start working to pay the judgment.”   In what Cummins’ victims would call a gross understatement, the judge also informed her that both she and her application for a restraining order against Amanda were “annoying.”  As usual, the cyber-stalker filed her standard frivolous “motion to reconsider” and, as usual, it was denied….which prompted Cummins to quickly post on the internet that the judge has “major mental issues” and that “most of the reviews (of the judge) call her ‘old, crazy, lazy bitch.'”  The various federal and state courts are obviously tired of her endless frivolous lawsuits, motions and appeals.  Unfortunately, vexatious litigants like Cummins clog up the courts and prevent legitimate cases from being heard.

Suing her neighbor, Los Angeles, and the CEO of Google

Cummins has been filing bizarre lawsuits against her victims in state courts for many years. The following are just a few examples. She once sued her neighbor, claiming he “took a sledge hammer to my house, stalked my husband and me, tried to stab my husband with a machete, and stabbed the hedge trimmers through the fence at me.” On another occasion, when she discovered something about herself on the internet she didn’t like, she actually sued the CEO of Google and tried to get a restraining order against him, claiming he was hosting blogs that were “harassing, libelous, and defamatory.” Of course the court denied her preposterous request. She sued the City of Los Angeles claiming, among other things, “sexual harassment” and “interference with business relations” (this is one of her favorite nonsensical allegations that she likes to put in her lawsuits).  She apparently hoped to get rich quick with that particular lawsuit by claiming “general damages” of “$1-2 million.”  Needless to say, it didn’t quite work out that way and the cyber-stalker now claims she is “indigent.” Interestingly, she did not try to get a restraining order against the man in the Cayman Islands who, she claims, “said he was going to cut (my husband’s) penis up into tiny, little pieces.”  (She later admitted under oath that, “I was never legally married.”)  The list of insanity goes on and on and would take up pages to recount here.

False police reports and psychotic behavior

Sometimes instead of suing her hapless victims Cummins reports them to the police for “stalking” and “cyber-stalking” her like she did with a prominent California attorney, a well-known Los Angeles newspaper editorial writer, and now Amanda. Not surprisingly, after the cyber-stalker’s frivolous lawsuits against Amanda were thrown out and efforts were underway to collect the $6.1 million she owes Amanda, she frantically resumed her favorite attack strategy of repeatedly filing false police reports about her victim with the FBI, the Los Angeles Police Department and various other law enforcement agencies around the U.S.  In her frustration Cummins’ public accusations against Amanda have gotten even more psychotic. Her latest lunatic ravings are that Amanda “murder(ed) her baby, and “committed crimes” by ordering a hiton her by a “paid thug,” by “committing identity theft,” “forgery,” and “extortion,” by “stalking” her, and by repeatedly telephoning her with “death threats” after getting drunk on beer.  She says she is “living in fear” that Amanda “will have someone burn down my house and kill my animals.” Fortunately, it seems that the police have had more than enough of her lunacy and are now ignoring her (see next paragraph).

Threats to kill Amanda

The apparently delusional mental state of Cummins as seen in her frenetic internet postings clearly indicates that she is dangerous. While obsessing on Amanda this mentally disturbed woman posted on the internet: The police actually told me to shoot her dead.” She has also posted, “I went through the police academy, took the gun class. I’ve been going to the range.” In response to her lunatic ravings about shooting Amanda, her internet followers posted things like, “Mary whatever you do…if you shoot her make sure you shoot to kill; if she survives she’ll sue you!” and “You have to do what you have to do Mary,” and “Someone needs to throw water balloons filled with urine at her.” (It should be noted that most, if not all, of her internet “followers” are believed to actually be Cummins herself using fake identities.) She proudly–and ludicrously–proclaimed that Amanda “will soon be arrested.” However, she later posted that when she went to LAPD and was unable to talk to a detective about Amanda, “I refused to leave the police station,” and “I will try internal affairs.” Police departments always attract crackpots and the Los Angeles Police Department obviously figured out long ago what they were dealing with. Cummins’ threat to go to “internal affairs” is a sure sign that she is going to sue the city again if they don’t arrest or kill Amanda soon. This pathological Beverly Hills woman (who, by the way, thinks she is actor Charlie Sheen’s “neighbor” and posts photographs of Jennifer Aniston’s house and obsesses about her on Facebook, Google, blogs, Twitter, etc.) seems to believe that if she files enough frivolous lawsuits and false police reports, and if she spreads enough lies all over the internet something is eventually bound to stick, enabling her to finally destroy Amanda–a selfless woman who has devoted her entire life and virtually all of her worldly possessions to rescuing, rehabilitating, and caring for her beloved animals in Mineral Wells, Texas.

Other victims of Mary Cummins

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is obsessive, vindictive and relentless. She has been attacking and smearing her perceived enemies on the internet, filing police reports against them, and suing them for many, many years.  When she has been sued by her victims she has claimed that she couldn’t be held liable by courts because they didn’t have “jurisdiction” over her.  However, when she tried to sell that asinine argument to a Texas judge it fell flat and she wound up owing her victim $6.1 million.  Numerous websites and blogs have created by her victims over the years.  Here are a few of them:

Victims of Miss Cummins

Mary Cummins, A Cyber-Stalker?

Mary Cummins Google Bombs

The Truth About Mary

Mary Cummins Gets Punked

Mary Cummins, Stalker of Annette Stark and Tiffany Krog

Mary Cummins Special Series

Mary Cummins Crackpot

Stalker Alert Mary Cummins

Nutcase Mary Cummins

Unfortunately, the current laws are inadequate to deal with mentally troubled deviants like Mary Cummins who use the internet to destroy others.  Defamation law

Fake BatWorldSanctuary Sites

Fake web sites titled “batworldsanctuary.com” and “batworldsanctuary.org” have been created by Bat World’s cyber-stalker, Mary Cummins, a woman who has been stalking Bat World’s founder and president, Amanda Lollar, for the past three years.

In June of 2010, Bat World Sanctuary unknowingly accepted this mentally troubled Los Angeles woman into an internship program held in Texas. Cummins found the internship too challenging to complete and left the internship early, finishing less than six days of a two-week internship. Before leaving, Cummins alleged that she had “bumped her head” and Bat World owed her $2,500 for a cat scan. Bat World refused.

Within days, outrageous lies about Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary began appearing on the internet, posted by Mary Cummins. These lies included animal cruelty, animal neglect, fraud, extortion, filth, endangering human health, practicing medicine without a license, plagiarism, illegal drug use, forgery, libel, theft, illegally being on welfare and more. Cummins made numerous false complaints to the USDA, Texas Parks and Wildlife, the DA, the IRS, the Texas Attorney General’s Office, the Texas Veterinary Board, the City of Mineral Wells, the Texas State Dept of Health, the DEA, the CDC and animal rights groups around the world including PETA, HSUS, ASPCA, ASA, GFAS, IFAW and others. Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary welcomed investigations, and all of Cummins’ complaints were found to be baseless. Click here to view the results of those investigations.

With the help of renowned animal rights attorney, Randy Turner, who represented Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary free of charge, a lawsuit was brought against Cummins.

Attorney and Bat World volunteer Randy Turner, with  Peekaboo, an orphaned Egyptian fruit bat

In June of 2012, the court stated that Amanda Lollar is to bats what Jane Goodall is to primates, and awarded a judgement of 6.1 Million in damages to Amanda Lollar for Cummins “egregious as well as malicious as well as intentional” defamation.

After the judgement, it was discovered that Cummins is considered a career litigant. Click here to see a list of the 30 lawsuits that Mary Cummins’ has been involved with in her 47 years.

Since the judgement, Cummins reign of terror against Amanda Lollar has increased, and Mary Cummins has been charged with contempt of court for the third time. Cummins’ defamation has also intensified. The fake “batworldsanctuary” websites that were purchased by Cummins are part of her continual defamation. We are taking steps to have the sites removed, however, it is a lengthy process.

The following bullet-point list provides a history of Cummins’ attacks and retaliatory actions against Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary. Links to court documents and web pages are provided when available:

We receive numerous questions about what more can be done to stop Mary Cummins from her continual harassment of Bat World Sanctuary. Unfortunately, cyber-stalking, bullying and online harassment is new territory and laws have not yet been created to stop malcontent’s like Mary Cummins. Defamation is a civil issue, not a criminal issue, so
law enforcement is unable to help (when death threats are posted, however, action can be taken).

People like Mary Cummins have to be sued in court, which we have done. Until internet laws are strengthened, cyber-stalkers and bullies like Mary Cummins are free to destroy innocent people over and over again. Our only recourse is to warn other people by posting pages like this one.

For more information about our case and other like this please join us on Facebook at Stand up to Cyber-Stalkers.

Book – The Self-Destruction of a Morbid Cyber-Stalker

Available soon:

The true story of a disgruntled intern who unleashed a three-year reign of terror on Bat World Sanctuary and its Founder and President, Amanda Lollar. A story of madness unraveling, and a story of good triumphing over evil. Click here to read the complete four-day trial transcript that resulted in a 6.1 Million Dollar win for Bat World Sanctuary and Amanda Lollar.

Sneak preview of chapters. Please check this page for updates.

~ Prelude to a Nightmare ~

They say when you tell a story you should always start at the beginning, but there were so many beginnings, and for the first year I did not see any of them coming. The most damaging of all, both personally and professionally, was the first time I saw…


~ Interns, Tapeworms and COPD ~

Mary Katherine Cummins-Cobb, President of something she called Animal Advocates, was one of 2 interns selected that summer to receive an in-house internship. The remaining 12 internships were…


~ Numerous Unvaccinated People Being
Bitten by Rabid Bats ~

Before Mary and Roseanne had left, I called Dottie to quickly tell her the unbelievable turn of events, Mary’s threat and the fact that I needed her until the new interns arrived. Tammy and Dottie both arrived to help care for the orphans…


~ There’s D
efinitely Something About Mary ~

In the weeks that followed more and more orphaned pups rolled in. Because we were highly organized it was easy to take care of up to 200 orphaned pups every summer, however, we were approaching 300 babies and baby season would not be over…


~ The Birth of an Internet Smear Campaign ~

When Randy filed the lawsuit, Mary’s very first response was to file a motion to dismiss the case based on ‘lack of jurisdiction.’ We were both surprised when she created the document herself rather than hiring an attorney for help…


~ Digging up “dirt” ~

“She will work very hard to dig up all the dirt she can possibly find on you, and what she does not find, she will make up.” I don’t remember which of her past victims said that to me, however, before I can describe…


*They lie so much that some of them are convinced
of their own lies, which is where evil is born. ~

Exhilarated—that’s the best way to describe the way I felt after hearing Judge Brigham’s ruling. I had a signed court order against Mary Cummins in hand, so my next step was…

Mary Cummins Loses Federal Suit Against Amanda Lollar

Click here to read the Judges Ruling.

As many of you are already aware, Bat World Sanctuary has been the target of a malicious defamation campaign launched by Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates. Mary Cummins was a former intern who became disgruntled. With the help of Bat World’s volunteer and animal rights attorney Randy Turner, we sued Mary Cummins and went to trial in June of this year. At the close of a four-day trial, Judge William Brigham compared Amanda Lollar’s reputation in caring for bats to that of Jane Goodall’s care for primates. The Judge stated that Cummins defamation of Lollar was “egregious, intentional and malicious” and awarded a judgment of $6.1 million in damages. We doubt that we will ever see any portion of the award, however, the amount of the judgment speaks volumes.  As an aside, Cummins later filed suit in CA federal court against Amanda Lollar as well as one of the trial expert witnesses’, Eric Shupps, alleging defamation amongst other things. In November of this year that case was ruled on in Bat World’s favor. Click here to read the Judge’s Ruling

While we prevailed in this fight, our cyber-tyrant continues to post defamatory and outlandish statements about Bat World Sanctuary, Amanda Lollar, Eric Shupps and Randy Turner.

2/11/13 update: Mary Cummins loses in her second attempt in federal court

Amanda Lollar & Bat World Win 6.1 Million in Lawsuit Against Mary Cummins

6.14 Judges Ruling

8.29 Signed Order

Fort Worth, TX, June 14, 2012 –

As you may be aware, the courts found that Bat World Sanctuary has been the target of a malicious and deliberate defamation campaign launched by Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates and Cummins Real Estate Services. This smear campaign lasted almost two years. We are happy to report that our battle is finally over, and we arose victorious.

Attorney Randy Turner and Peekaboo, an orphaned Egyptian fruit bat at Bat World Sanctuary.

Bat World Sanctuary and Amanda Lollar were represented pro-bono by Randy Turner, one of the best animal rights attorneys in the country. Turner was voted “Texas Super Lawyer” 2009, 2010, 2011, & 2012, and has never once lost an animal rights case. Mr. Turner and his paralegal, Kelly Bozeman, worked tirelessly for Bat World Sanctuary throughout this ordeal.

Mary Cummins was accepted for an internship at Bat World in 2010, and left disgruntled only a few days after arriving. Shortly thereafter, she began posting horrific allegations of animal cruelty and neglect against our Founder and President, Amanda Lollar, and made repeated complaints to animal welfare groups and government agencies, including the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the USDA, the Texas Department of Health, the Texas Attorney General, the Department of Justice, the IRS, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the Texas Veterinary Board, and the Mineral Wells Chief of Police, City Manager, Fire Marshal, Code Enforcement, Health Inspector, and District Attorney. Lollar welcomed investigations, and every agency that investigated found Cummins complaints to be completely without merit.

As she has done in previous lawsuits, Cummins represented herself throughout most of the case and during trial. Cummins’ former attorney, Neal Callaway, withdrew from representing her after she accused him of sleeping during her court-ordered deposition. Cummins went on to accuse Randy Turner of touching her hand inappropriately during this same deposition, despite the fact that seven people and two video cameras were present in the room (and no such behavior was either witnessed or recorded). Ms. Cummins was also found in Contempt of Court.

Cummins has been involved in over 20 lawsuits and has been sued four times for defamation.

The trial, which lasted four days, also included the testimony of two veterinarians who have worked with Amanda Lollar, as well as former Bat World interns. Both veterinarians testified that they would rather take an injured bat to Amanda Lollar than attempt to rehabilitate it themselves. One vet even testified that she would drive a bat from South Dakota to Texas so it could receive Amanda Lollar’s care. Lollar testified to Cummins history of victimizing others using the internet. Bat World Sanctuary and Amanda Lollar sought 4-million dollars in damages due to Cummins’ outrageous acts.

Amanda Lollar and Barney, an elderly African zoo bat who was slated for euthanasia before being rescued by Bat World Sanctuary.

At the trial’s conclusion, Judge William Brigham compared Lollar’s reputation in caring for bats to that of Jane Goodall’s care for primates. The Judge stated that Cummins defamation of Lollar was egregious, intentional and malicious. He awarded a judgment of 6.1 million in damages. His verdict was read immediately after closing statements. Turner stated that it is rare for a Judge to deliver an immediate verdict at the end of trial.

While we prevailed in this fight, our cyber-harasser continues to post defamatory and false information on the Internet about Bat World Sanctuary, Amanda Lollar and Randy Turner. We doubt that we will ever see any portion of the 6.1 million dollar judgment awarded to us, however, our plans to raise the funds for a larger sanctuary, complete with indoor-outdoor flight cages and a teaching hospital, will continue. And, of course, we will share videos and photos of our progress.

Lollar, who has authored both scientific and popular literature, plans to write a book about her personal nightmare regarding this case. She hopes to bring about changes in the legal system regarding internet harassment and stalking as there are few legal remedies available to victims. This type of vicious behavior is on the rise and lifelong careers can be ruined with a few simple clicks of the mouse. Proceeds from the sale of the book will benefit Bat World Sanctuary.

Thank you, our treasured Bat World members, for supporting us throughout this ordeal.

6.14 Judges Ruling

Signed Order

Bat rescuer awarded $6.1 million in libel suit

From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

FORT WORTH — A former intern accused of cyberstalking a Mineral Wells bat sanctuary and its president was ordered to pay about $6.1 million in damages Thursday for what a judge called egregious, malicious and intentional defamatory statements she spread across the Internet, court documents say.

The lawsuit, filed in state District Court in Tarrant County, centered on accusations that Mary Cummins, who said she lives in the Los Angeles area, made libelous statements and videos about Amanda Lollar and the Bat World Sanctuary, which she founded and runs.

The videos and statements, the suit said, were pervasive on the Internet, using “robots” to game Google and other search engines so the defamatory material would appear high in search results. Cummins‘ claims eventually extended to accusations against Lollar’s attorney, as well as her own attorney, whom she accused of sleeping during a deposition.

Among other statements, Cummins was accused of saying Lollar had given rabies vaccinations to humans, an accusation that boiled down to Lollar practicing medicine without a license, the suit said.

The result of such statements exposed Lollar to “public hatred, contempt or ridicule or financial injury,” the suit said.

Bedford attorney Randy Turner of Bailey & Galyen said Lollar has been emotionally devastated by the Internet materials. She no longer goes to restaurants or movies, has her husband grocery shop, lost weight and experiences nausea and vomiting, he said.

“She’s sort of become a recluse,” he said.

Turner said he hopes the judgment will “make someone think twice before engaging in an Internet smear campaign.”

Bat World Sanctuary is a nonprofit organization devoted to rescuing and rehabilitating bats. Judge William Brigham compared Lollar’s reputation for caring for bats to noted British anthropologist Jane Goodall, who studies primates, according to a court transcript provided by Turner.

Cummins accused Lollar of performing “illegal surgeries” on bats without anesthesia, possessing and distributing controlled substances without a federal license, throwing dead bats in the trash, allowing interns to be repeatedly bitten by rabid bats, breeding bats illegally and neglecting her pet dogs, Turner said.

Cummins — who said she has been sued for defamation at least three times — also filed complaints against Lollar and the sanctuary with federal, state and local agencies including the Agriculture Department, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Palo Pinto district attorney, the suit said. All complaints were dismissed, but Cummins continued to publish on the Web that her claims were “under investigation,” the suit said.

Cummins, who acted as her own attorney during much of the case, said the judgment is a “travesty of justice.”

Cummins said her “reports are 100 percent the truth. I believe [the suit] was malicious and frivolous.” She said her complaints to authorities against Lollar were not all cleared.

She said that Lollar “admitted she had no proof of financial damages” and that she did not know who posted the items on the Internet. “If there were any damages, they were all self-inflicted,” she said.

Cummins also said in an interview that a “toddler was bit by a rabid bat directly outside” Lollar’s facility.

That statement was part of the defamation suit, Turner said, but a police report shows that the child had blood on his face from stomping on the bat and that “the incident occurred two blocks away from” Lollar’s office.

Cummins was accepted for an internship at Bat World in 2010. She described herself in court documents as a licensed real estate appraiser who volunteers rescuing injured animals. She said she is licensed by the Agriculture Department to care for small native wildlife.

Turner said Cummins became dissatisfied with the program and left her internship early.

After returning to California she began posting “horrific allegations of animal cruelty” against Lollar on the Internet, Turner said.

To spread her accusations, Cummins used a technique called “Google bombing,” the suit said. That involves posting Internet content and generating multiple links to that content to game search engine results, said Eric A. Shupps, president of BinaryWave in Grapevine. Shupps testified as an expert on behalf of Lollar.

Shupps said the method is a feature of Google that uses the concept of links as an indicator of how popular a site is.

Cummins also made accusations against Turner, posting a video on YouTube that shows the attorney and says he is leering at her.

Turner confirmed that the video is of him and said Cummins “spread that defamation all over the Internet.” He said she had made other accusations, including that he had massaged her hand.

“All lies,” Turner said.

Cummins‘ former attorney, Neal Callaway, contradicted the accusation against Turner when he withdrew from representing her, saying in a court document that he was present during the alleged touching and did not see it. Callaway also said he did not sleep during a deposition.

The judgment orders Cummins to pay $3 million in compensatory damages, $3 million in punitive damages and $176,700 in attorney fees and other money.

Cummins said she will appeal the verdict and cannot pay the award because she has “no money whatsoever.”

Fighting for our Good Name

Distasteful as we find this, we felt it necessary to create this page to counteract the defamation and harm Mary Cummins, of Animal Advocates, is causing to our organization. Ms. Cummins has been using the internet to harass and defame Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary for the past year. She also made false complaints to numerous animal rescue and wildlife groups, her Facebook pages, Youtube, Myspace, Twitter, Flickr, etc., as well as Texas Parks and Wildlife, the USDA, the Texas Veterinary Medical Board, the Texas Department of Health, USFWS, the Mineral Wells Department of Health, the City Manager, the Fire Marshal, Code Enforcement, the Chief of Police and the IRS. Every official who has investigated her complaints have found them to be without merit:

From USDA: I have visited Bat World Sanctuary multiple times over the past three years. The facility has always been clean and well organized. I have never encountered a strong ammonia smell which is very common in many bat enclosures. The resident bats have always appeared healthy. The rehab bats and babies are housed in a separate quarantine area and this area has always been clean and the bats appeared to be receiving more than adequate care. I spoke with the local Texas Parks and Wildlife Law Enforcement Agent in the area. He concurred with my assessment. The place is clean and well organized and the bats look happy and healthy. There is absolutely no evidence confirming any of the accusations made by the complainant. On the contrary, Ms. Lollar appears to be providing exceptional care as required under the Animal Welfare Act.
Click here to review complete results of the investigations

WE HAVE SUED MARY CUMMINS for the false and defamatory statements she has posted about Amanda Lollar, our Founder and President, on the Internet, and we won an injunction against her. We are extremely fortunate to be represented pro-bono by one of the best animal rights attorney in the country, Randy Turner.

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