Sully, the Battoo and Papaya Smacking

This is Sully, a recently rescued Egyptian fruit bat who was saved by Tessa in Ohio and Laurie Dehn, an associate of Bat World Sanctuary. Sully was part of the exotic pet trade and was purchased by Tessa’s ex-boyfriend along with a companion who sadly, did not survive an attack by their pet cat. Tessa pleaded with her boyfriend not to purchase the bats, but it fell on deaf ears. The boyfriend left, leaving Sully behind, so Tessa contacted us. We made arrangements to get Sully to Laura, where is now finally safe. As soon as the weather warms, Sully will be flown to Bat World Sanctuary and his forever home. Laurie reported that Sully was terrified initially and engaged in self-soothing, rocking behavior, but he is now doing well.

We could not save bats like Sully without caring supporters like you. From the bottom of our hearts to the tips of Sully’s tiny bat toes, we appreciate, praise and thank you for your support.

A note of deep gratitude for the $5,000 grant we received through the Seattle Foundation from an anonymous donor!  The funds are intended to help us continue our development of a tattoo device that, we hope, will eventually replace the deadly banding technique used by researchers to mark and track bats in the wild. Thousands of bats are banded annually in the US, with a very small percentage ever being found. Most perish from fractures, infection and other deadly consequences of banding. The tattoo device we are developing will be used on the ear (as seen in this photo, look for the green dot). The generous donation from this anonymous donor will help us significantly in furthering our efforts to replace the deadly practice of banding.

Bats are sorely underrepresented in Argentina and in desperate need of help. They are routinely fumigated due to fears and misconceptions. After working closely for the last five years with Silvia Strasser, a professor and technician in Management and Conservation of Biodiversity, we are proud to announce the beginning steps in the formation of Bat World Murciélagos de Argentina. After formed, the mission will be to provide a public service to the Argentine community; to promote the safe and respectful relation between people and bats; to provide rescue, rehabilitation and release or permanent sanctuary for bats; to promote the correct treatment and the well being of captive bats; to protect wild bat colonies from abuse and destruction; to teach environmental education in order to promote bat conservation and increase public awareness on an ecosystemic bat‐inclusive approach; to educate the public on safety issues regarding bats; and to train animal care professionals on the rescue and rehabilitation of bats.

We are pleased to announce our recently awarded grant to Rita D. Dixon PhD, a State Wildlife Action Plan Coordinator for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. The funds will be used to help produce “Protect People, Protect Bats”, a video on bats and rabies designed to advance the conservation and recovery of surviving bat populations in order to mitigate human-caused sources of mortality that have additional detrimental effects. The film is in collaboration with USFWS and Idaho Fish and Game. For more information on the Peekaboo Rescue Fund click here. A very special THANK YOU to David Kugler of Critter Catchers,
Propestmen.com and the Wildlife Control Helpline for funding this critical project.  To contribute to the Peekaboo Rescue Fund please click here.

to enjoy the satisfying sounds of a one-eyed, almost toothless, 33 year-old rescued bat finding heaven in a slice of papaya.

When animal care professionals order our bat rehabilitation products we include a flyer on humane handling techniques as outlined on this page.

We received this lovely email just this morning and are so happy to know that little by little, one person at a time.

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