Sample Letter to help the Seychelles flying fox

Director General Biodiversity Conservation:  Mrs Marie May Muzungaile, Email: [email protected]  Phone: +248 4670500

Minster of Tourism: Mr Dogley
Email: [email protected]


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you out of grave concern regarding the hunting and serving of the Seychelles flying fox (Pteropus Seychellnis) in your restaurants and hotels that are catering for tourists. Bat meat is being promoted as a delicacy and visitors are urged to try the dish while on holiday in Seychelles as part of the cultural experience.

The hunting is on a mass scale due to the growing numbers of visitors/tourists who holiday in Seychelles. We have located restaurants and hotels on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue who are all serving flying fox on their menus. Hunting on this scale is not sustainable as tourism numbers are continuously rising and the effect of this consumption will have dire consequences to bat populations, plant distribution and eco systems .

Currently the flying fox (Pteropus seychellensis) is listed on the IUCN redlist as ‘Least Concern’. This listing is outdated and there has been no recent or complete study on the flying fox population in Seychelles. A 2004 study found the total Seychelles population of flying fox to be 8500. The flying fox is under threat on all three main inhabited islands of Seychelles, Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. We ask you to please revise the current outdated listing on the IUCN Redlist and add the threats this important endemic species is facing. Threats include but are not limited to: 1. Habitat loss due to unprecedented development 2. Removal of roost and feeding trees . 3. Local consumption. 4. Mass hunting for the tourist consumption. 5. Limited food supply as Fruits are harvested young, unripe and green to be sold at the markets, fruits are harvested by thieves who are looking for money to buy drugs and alcohol.

With over population and exploitation in modern times, consuming any game meat, especially a endemic and unique species, is frowned upon and should be discouraged at all costs so that future generations will have the opportunity to appreciate and acknowledge the significance of this species in our environment. These bats are of great ecological significance as a major pollinator and seed disperser of forest trees and fruits. Strict control measures need to be put in place before the species becomes critically endangered due to the mass consumption. Please see the list below of restaurants serving bat meat on their menus.Education should also be provided for locals on the fact that eating bats is not sustainable, but also inherently cruel as bats, including mothers with pups, are caught with hooks and suffer greatly before being inhumanely killed. These unique bats are, in fact, tourist ambassadors and they hold a far greater value in their natural environment than on a dinner plate.


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1. Le Reduit Restaurant
2. La Scala Restaurant
3. Treasure Cove Restaurant
4. Chez Plume Restaurant
5. The Boathouse
6. Anse Soleil Restaurant
7. La Grande Maison Restaurant
8. Marie Antoinette Restaurant
9. Chez Batista Restaurant


10. Raffles Hotel
11. Pirogue Restaurant
12. La Goulue Restaurant Praslin


13. Chez Jules Restaurant


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