Rabies Immunization Requirements

Rabies Immunization Requirements for Bat Rehabilitation Workshop Participants

All students will be required to present proof of rabies immunization at the start of the workshop in order to participate in handling activities with live bats and lab activities with cadavers.

Important Points to Consider

• It takes 30 days to complete the pre-exposure vaccination series of three injections
• We recommend identifying your provider and requesting the vaccinations at least 90 days prior to the workshop start date
• It takes four to six weeks to receive results from a titer test (blood test showing level of immunity)
• We recommend having the test completed at least 90 days prior to the workshop start date
• If your last immunization was more than two years ago and you have not had a titer test done, or if your last titer test was more than two years ago, you will need to complete a titer test, and obtain a booster if required, prior to the workshop start date
• Not all insurance plans cover the rabies pre-exposure vaccination series (either in full or in part). The vaccination series may cost $1,000 or more depending on your location, health insurance plan, and availability of the vaccine

If you have questions regarding the immunization process, please consult with your physician or county public health clinic.

Please be aware that students who do not provide proof of immunization will not be allowed to handle live bats or cadavers during the workshop. We cannot make any exceptions.


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