Protect People, Protect Bats

Peekaboo Rescue Fund Grant Project:
A video on bats and rabies designed to advance the conservation and recovery of
surviving bat populations in order to mitigate human-caused sources of mortality that have additional detrimental effects. The film is in collaboration with USFWS and Idaho Fish and Game, and seeks to provide a clear and consistent message about bats and rabies across wildlife and public health agencies at multiple levels of government to improve outcomes at the human/bat interface. An important goal of the film is to alleviate the public’s fear of bats in general, dispel myths and misunderstandings surrounding bat behavior, and raise awareness regarding rabies prevention and control in humans and animals.

Date Funded: 01/30/2019

Status: In production.

Amount Funded: $5,000

Contributor CreditCritter CatchersWildlife Control HelplinePropestmen.com


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