Join us for a one-of-a-kind virtual educational experience with the rescued bats of Bat World Sanctuary. Whether you are completely new to bats, a bat fact wizard, 8, or 89, there is always something fun and exciting to learn with the help of our Director of Education, Jessica Anderson.

Bats are among the most fascinating, yet exceedingly misunderstood creatures. During our class, we will explore their magical world and learn about what makes them so remarkable: their ability to echolocate, amazing survival adaptations, tight knit communities. The list goes on. Who knows? You may even leave with a newfound understanding of how similar they are to us.

Ready to schedule a class?

You may reach out to our Director of Education via email for scheduling and educational program related inquiries. We are currently scheduling zoom programs for classrooms and community clubs, but hope to include homeschool and family programs in the near future. Stay tuned for updates!

Please keep in mind that we do book far in advance. Booking availability may vary during the summer orphan season, as we tend to have a higher influx of rescue calls.

Please direct all educational zoom program emails to[email protected]

Children's class at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens.