Randy Turner,  www.randyturner.com
Our “Six-Million Dollar Attorney.” And with special thanks for helping all creatures great and small.

Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries
Helping sanctuaries be the best they can (and should) be.

Brian Crain
With special thanks for allowing us to use his incredible music in our videos: www.youtube.com

Cuddly vampire babies that benefit Bat World Sanctuary. Inspired by Lil Drac.
Check out their BAD (Bats Are Deserving) Bands!

Ruby White Tips
Beautiful nail polishes made in honor of Bat World residents, with proceeds benefiting our rescue efforts! Colors so far include Poppy Red, Peekaboo Pink and Boo2 Blue!

Starrlight Jewelry
Gorgeous handmade jewelry with the benefit of helping charities.

Winged Sonar
With special thanks for the donation of your beautiful bat artwork, including our Adopt-a-Bat graphics!.

Kismata Jewelry
Gorgeous handmade jewelry with a percentage of the proceeds helping Bat World Sanctuary

Karndean International
With special thanks for helping us obtain a beautiful floor for our new office.

Lone Star Woodcraft
Bat houses that really work!

Rolls Royce Tattoos
Beautiful tattoos by bat supporters.

The world’s best bat detectors (made by folks who save bats!)

Baby Bats and Buddies of Bats QLD
Aussie Friends

Sussex Bat Group

UK friends


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