Orphans of 2010

We rescue from 100 to 200 orphaned insectivorous bats every summer. The babies below represent a few of these. the free-tailed orphans (immediately below) were found starving at our wild sanctuary for Brazilian free-tailed bats. The mothers may have been attacked by a local owl who was seen lurking in the area as the bats emerged to hunt for insects every night. The mothers of the red bat orphans (bottom photo) were likely attacked by a blue jay or crow, which is a common occurrence for tree bats raising young during the summer months. Between eight to ten weeks later these pups were full grown, and after receiving flight exercise, they were released back to the wild. Click the photos to enlarge.

Free-tailed orphans of 2010 who were rescued from starvation. These babies were dehydrated and covered in mites.
All cleaned up and nursing warm milk from foam tips. Within a few days, the babies look much better.









Red bat orphans, a tree-roosting species. Red bats are one of the few species who have more than one baby per year. Some red bat mothers have up to 5 pups at a time.












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