NTGD is on the way!

North Texas Giving Day (September 20th) is just one week away! Please mark your calendars, but if you prefer not to wait, scheduled giving is now available!  Click here to schedule a donation that will be processed on September 20th.

In March of 2018, we rescued 90 fruit bats from a life of neglect after the small zoo where they lived was forced to close. Many of these bats were old and infirm, and with other various issues. When the bats arrived we were both joyous and saddened at the same time. We were joyous to give these bats a new lease on life with all the enrichment they deserve, but sad to see that many were emotionally and physically neglected. Some bats were thin and balding, and three of the elderly bats had toenails that were so long they had to be physically cut out of the mesh crate in which they arrived. These bats were unable to unhook their feet from the mesh ceiling in order to invert and go to the bathroom, so they were forced to soil themselves (a problem we corrected for them). Almost all of the bats were emotionally or physically scarred, but thanks to your support, they are now thriving and seem incredibly happy. These 90 bats have a lifespan of 25 years or more. Our goal for Giving Day is to raise $50,000 toward our goal of raising $250,000 for the lifetime care of “The Michigan 90“. Having the funds in place to provide for their food and medical care for life is critical. It is our guarantee to them that they will never again have to suffer.

On Giving Day we will give you the opportunity to watch us earn your support LIVE from 8:00 am until noon CST as we go through our daily routine here at the sanctuary cleaning enclosures, hand-feeding bats and preparing bat food. The link to watch us live while we earn your support will be sent to you on the morning of September 20th.

As an added bonus… if we are successful in raising $50,000 on Giving Day (insert drum roll) the Bat World Board, staff and volunteers will take turns trying to dunk Founder and President Amanda Lollar by way of a dunking booth that will be provided by a fun-loving donor. The event will be broadcast live as well. ☺

Plus, a pub quiz!
We are also excited to be part of the Cidercade’s “11 days of giving” event leading up to North Texas Giving Day! If you’re in Dallas that day, please drop in to Bishop Cidercade, 2777 Irving Blvd in Dallas, from 5:00-9:00 PM on Monday, September 17, 2018. Sample some fabulous craft hard ciders and join us for a bat-themed pub quiz! We will be on hand to chat about bats (and maybe give a few quiz hints), and award prizes. It won’t be fun if you’re not there!

Giving Day is our biggest day to raise funds. Every donation we receive on that day increases our chances of winning prize money ranging from $1,000 to $10,000! The total amount we raise will also be matched by up to 10% by local Texas foundations! Also, this year, we can accept donations via check, Paypal, Facebook, MightyCause, batworld.org or any other way you choose, and it will still count toward the total being raised on our NTGD link!

Thank you for being a part of our rescue efforts for bats! We could not do our job in saving these precious lives without you.

Bat World Sanctuary