North Texas Giving Day 2022!

As seen in the video below, we experienced over 1,000 wildfires in the state of Texas this past summer, with some were dangerously close. To protect the exterior of the building, we began conducting fire drills using our Barricade System that was generously donated by Lynn Hochstetter.

For NTGD 2022, we are trying to raise the funds needed for an advanced fire alarm system for the interior of our facility. This system is hard-wired and will alert us to any smoke detected inside the building, thereby allowing time to extinguish the fire. The system also alerts our closest fire department. With the cost of a sprinkler system for our facility close to $500,000, the advanced fire alarm system is our best option in keeping the sanctuary animals safe.

Early Giving is available NOW. If you’d rather donate using PayPal please click here. Alternately, you can also donate through our website.

As the only accredited bat sanctuary on earth, our primary goal is to protect the precious beings in our care to the utmost of our ability. This Giving Day, please consider helping us protect the bats by donating here.