Mekki is a female hoary bat that arrived injured during the winter of 2005. She was found hibernating amongst a group of dead trees, along a forest line in central Texas, by Mike Tyler and his daughter Melissa. Quite often dead or dying trees are cut down in Texas during the winter months and the timber is used to fuel fireplaces. Given the fact that trees are oftentimes brought down with chainsaws, Mekki’s fate could have been much worse. Mr. Tyler explained to us that he had no idea that some bats hibernate in trees. During the process of cutting down the tree the family dog had started barking and refused to stop, so he put down his chainsaw to investigate. It was then that Melissa, age 10, saw Mekki climbing up along the tree trunk dragging an injured wing.

Fluffy Mekki roosting with friends, a free-tailed bat and an evening bat. Click to enlarge.

Melissa had recently learned about bats in science class at her school. During her studies she had visited the Bat World website and learned what to do if you find a bats. She instructed her father to use a glove to rescue the bat because it might bite out of fear. He secured Mekki within the folds of an old t-shirt and placed her inside a box, and they drove home to call Bat World. A few hours later they arrived at our back door. Mekki was found to have open fractures to three fingers but otherwise she was in fine shape (and very lucky!). Her fingers were stabilized and she received pain medication and antibiotics to prevent her wounds from becoming infected.

Mekki is an extremely docile bats whose injuries prevented her from being returned to the wild. She enjoys her natural habitat cage and roosting with other non-releasable bats that share her housing.

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