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Amanda Lollar, President
Amanda has worked daily at Bat World Sanctuary in an unpaid position since 1994. She is an author of both scientific and popular literature about bats, including her most recent work, The Captive Care and Rehabilitation of Insectivorous Bats. Amanda has twice been nominated for the Indianapolis Prize, the world’s leading prize for conservation. In 2010 Amanda was a top 10 finalist in the Animal Planet Hero of the Year Award, and in August of 2016 Amanda received The Carol Noon Award for Sanctuary Excellence.  Click here to read her CV.

Addison McCool, Executive Director & VP
From a young age, Addison has always surrounded herself with animals. She grew up working with horses and rescuing dogs and small animals, oftentimes rescuing them from certain death and finding appropriate homes for them. After working  in Yellowstone National Park, she found her love for bats while rescuing downed insect-eating bats in a historic lodge at the park. Her dedication to help bats and further the mission of Bat World Sanctuary (BWS) has been proven time and time again over the past several years. Addison now serves as both Executive Director and VP of BWS.

Rex Dominguez, Assistant Director
Rex developed a passion for animal care and conservation as a child when she found out the real life counterpart to her beloved, panda bear was an endangered species. Since then she has educated herself on conservation efforts across the world, and volunteered at various rescue and animal shelters in her community. She completed her Bachelors of Science in Biology at Texas Tech and is a proud Red Raider. She lives with her rescue pup, Ichabod, and they enjoy exploring the trails and trees at the state park. Rex has worked in several animal focused positions and is ecstatic to be working with bats, one of her favorite animals.

Jessica Anderson, Secretary & Director of Education
Jessica is an alumni of the University if Texas at Arlington. She graduated with honors and is excited to use her knowledge of biology and education to further the mission of Bat World Sanctuary. Jessica believes that when we learn, understand, and connect with something, we are much more likely to care and protect it. This is why she loves teaching children. Kids are innate scientists and see the world through curious eyes. Jessica believes you are never too young or too old to learn something new, whether you’re 8 or 89. Jessica is excited to share her love of bats and the environment with everyone.

Tracy Tafolla, Animal Caregiver
Tracy is a Texas native and actually lives on the same road where Bat World is located. She has been following our Facebook page for several years and when we had an opening, she applied. Tracy has rescued numerous animals over the years, both wild and domestic, including her elderly rescued dog Sambo. Now, after working with bats, she has fallen completely in love with them. After 30 years of service as an LVN, Tracy has now retired and loves working at Bat World Sanctuary, saying “I work with the best, most thoughtful group of folks. I love the respect that is shown all the time, to everyone and every thing. Bat World is such a blessing to bats, and to people… like me.”

Nate Anderson, Animal Caregiver
Nate spent over a decade working in restaurant management before volunteering at Bat World Sanctuary and discovering his true passion, bats. Nate has always loved animals and has always loved working in the kitchen. Volunteering with us elevated what was once a hobby into a career of affection dedicated towards enriching the lives of the sanctuary bats. Although Nate started out working in the kitchen, he has since progressed to also giving daily care to our rescued fruit bats. Nate is a hardworking, charismatic individual who is committed to giving the sanctuary bats the comfy lifestyle they deserve for the rest of their days, as well as enjoying fine dining the “bat way”.



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