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Amanda hand-feeding a juvenile Mexican free-tailed bat.

Amanda has worked daily at Bat World Sanctuary in an unpaid position since 1994. She is an author of both scientific and popular literature about bats, including her most recent work, The Captive Care and Rehabilitation of Insectivorous Bats. Amanda has has twice been nominated for the Indianapolis Prize, the world’s leading prize for conservation. In 2010 Amanda was a top 10 finalist in the Animal Planet Hero of the Year Award, and in August of 2016 Amanda received The Carol Noon Award for Sanctuary Excellence.  Click here to read her CV.


Addison, doing her daily checks on the bats in rehabilitation.

Addison McCool, Executive Director & VP
From a young age, Addison has always surrounded herself with animals. She grew up working with horses and rescuing dogs and small animals, oftentimes rescuing them from certain death and finding appropriate homes. After working  in Yellowstone National Park, she found her love for bats while rescuing downed insect bats in a historic lodge at the park. Her dedication to help bats and further the mission of Bat World Sanctuary (BWS) has been proven time and time again over the past two years. Addison now serves as both Executive Director and VP of BWS.


Emily giving melon treats to rescued African fruit bats.

Emily Laszczak, Senior Director & Secretary
Emily has always had a deep rooted passion for animals of all shapes and sizes, bats in particular. Emily has volunteered at her local Animal Shelter since she was 16 and has saved the lives of dozens of domestic pets through her social media posts for the shelter. Before coming to Bat World Sanctuary, Emily worked in accounting for five years. Since joining our team, Emily’s fondness for bats has increased tenfold, greatly expanding her thirst for knowledge about bats and bat rescue. Emily’s bookkeeping, social media and rescue skills serve as a great asset in forwarding the mission of to Bat World Sanctuary. Emily hosts our weekly Facebook live streams on a weekly basis, which have grown very popular.

Kasci Toups, Animal Caregiver
Kasci attended college for biology with a concentration in animal science. She grew up loving animals from her numerous pets to working at a grooming salon and vet clinic. She enjoys rescuing and rehabilitating animals in her free time and adopted her dog, Bellatrix from her local pound. She also rescued two spiny mice from the pet trade and has rehabilated squirrels and opossums in Louisiana. Formerly she worked with numerous species of animals at her previous job as a zookeeper. Her dedication and perseverance for saving animals and the environment serve as an incredible aid to furthering our mission.




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