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Amanda-staff pageAmanda Lollar, volunteer
Executive Director/Lead Caregiver
Amanda has acted in an unpaid position as Executive Director and Lead Animal Caregiver since 1994. She is an author of both scientific and popular literature about bats, including her most recent work, Standards and Medical Management for Captive Insectivorous Bats. In August of 2016 Amanda received The Carol Noon Award for Sanctuary Excellence and has twice been nominated for the Indianapolis Prize, the world’s leading prize for conservation. Click here to read her CV.

Dona Jenniges, Assistant Director
Dona grew up in a small town outside of Seattle Washington and at a young age was saving animals of all kinds long before she even realized the extent of her love and respect for them.   As an adult she spent 13 years in retail management. Three years ago,  she had the opportunity to step away from an unfulfilling career and move to Texas.  With her new found free time she started volunteering for the Weatherford-Parker County Animal shelter which then led to fostering and rescuing for many local animal rescue agencies.  It was then that she realized she wanted to devote her entire life to the rescue and rehabilitation of animals.  ‘I truly believe that every animal on the face of this earth is here for a reason.  If any species, no matter how big or small, goes extinct, I can’t help but think that will throw off the balance of all living things and, in time, will greatly affect the world as we know it’.   Dona looks forward to learning everything she can about bats in order to educate others.  ‘When I get to work and look up at all those cute little faces staring down at me at me, it just fills my heart with such love and happiness. I can’t think of any better way to spend my day.’

Peekaboo showing Mariah how she wants her treat cups filled.

Mariah Cognac, Assistant Caregiver
Mariah has been fortunate to have worked with many species during her time volunteering at rehab facilities and working at the Dallas Zoo. She has a B.S. in Aquatics and Fisheries Biology and enjoys spending time on the water. Since she was a small child she has surrounded herself with the company of animals, basically welcoming anything with hooves, paws, scales or claws. Mariah feels as though conservation and education are key to the preservation of species. “So many people have disdain for bats only because they know very little about them. I’m so pleased to have found Bat World and look forward to not only expanding my knowledge of bats, but also sharing that information with others.”

Erica Quinzel, Lead Animal Caregiver
Erica has an extreme love for animals that was passed down from her mother, who taught Erica to have compassion for all living things. By the age of 8 Erica was helping to care for injured wildlife. She eventually became the neighborhoods “go to” gal for animals in need. Her first experience in rehabilitating wildlife involved three baby birds that had been blown out of their nest. After successfully raising and releasing the birds back into the wild, Erica knew she had her found her passion. At only 18 years of age, Erica became a retail store manager in Fort Worth, Texas, where she spent the next 10 years managing & opening several stores and training staff. During this time she also took wildlife classes and began volunteering with Texas Metro Wildlife Rehabilitators and Bat World Sanctuary. Erica ran her facility out of her home in Fort Worth, TX for four years, specializing in bats and raccoons, until she made the life changing decision to accept a position of Lead Animal Caregiver with Bat World. She now dedicates her life to caring for bats and other wildlife in need. She has a particular love for misunderstood, feared animals, which makes her a perfect fit at Bat World Sanctuary. Erica has been published in several articles and recognized for her work during the damaging flood waters that hit Houston Texas from Hurricane Harvey.

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