Luther Lollar

Major Luther S. Lollar

It is with great sadness that we bring you the news of the passing of Major Luther S. Lollar, Bat World Sanctuary’s very first volunteer and the father of our Founder and President, Amanda Lollar.

Major Lollar was an avid financial supporter of Bat World and was instrumental in getting Bat World off of the ground almost 20 years ago. He generously built all of the original flight caging and rehabilitation caging for Bat World.  He constructed the educational displays for the picture windows, built over 200 bat houses which were sold across the US, with 20 being mounted in the downtown area of Mineral Wells, Texas, home of Bat World Sanctuary. He loved farming and gardening, and devoted several acres of his land to planting melons and other fruits, which he harvested and cut into bite-sized pieces for the bats. The fruit was then bagged and frozen so the bats would have fresh fruit all winter long without any burdensome food bills for out-of-season fruit. He was an extraordinarily kind man who loved all kinds of animals, and would drive to the market to collect and then deliver the 80 pounds of bananas needed each week for the fruit bats.

Luther Lollar, building one of over 200 bat houses that he made over the years.

Major Lollar was a highly decorated soldier; serving in WWII and twice in Vietnam, both in the Marines and the Army. He was one of the first soldiers to serve on the front lines in Vietnam. Among his many medals he was honored with the distinguished Flying Cross for manning an unarmed helicopter and chasing away Vietcong who outnumbered and were advancing on trapped U.S. troops. Three unarmed helicopters were dispatched to pick up troops. Heavy fire drove two of the helicopters to retreat. Alone, Major Lollar aggressively flew in, and using his helicopter blades as a weapon, kept the Vietcong at bay to allow the other two helicopters to land and retrieve our troops. Major Lollar designed the artillery on the outside of helicopters and tested it, which was the basis for all future helicopter weaponry. In the final battle scene of the movie, “We Were Soldiers”, both the maneuvers and the equipment were representative of  Major Lollar’s work.

On his last trip to the hospital, upon waking, the first thing he asked Amanda was, “How are the bats?” You will be sorely missed by all, Major. We owe you a debt of gratitude for the life we all enjoy.

Major Lollar passed away Friday, November 16, 2012 and was buried on Tuesday, November 20 with full military honors. He was preceded in death by wife Gladys Lollar, who passed away December 18, 1993.

25 thoughts on “Luther Lollar”

  1. Major Lollar, you remain an inspiration to us all. What a wonderful legacy you’ve left for the rest of us. Sending love and condolences to your family and friends.

  2. I’m so sorry about your dad he will be loved and missed by so many people. I hope you know we will be here with you through this hard time. Just know him and your mom are watching over you and they are at piece together now. I love you amanda!

  3. My dear friend..I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your father. From what you told me,he was a great guy. I know you will miss him,but know he lives on,thru the works he did for the sanctuary.
    Love you,

  4. First.. Thank you Major Luther S. Lollar for *all* you did for the rest of us!
    Secondly, but not finally, Thank you for all you have done for Bat World Sanctuary bats.
    Many thoughts of love, hugs, and condolences are being sent to his Friends and Family (Amanda…..)

  5. Amanda, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. Men like your father were truly America’s greatest generation of heroes.
    Knowing that he loved you and supported your life’s calling must be a great comfort to you.

  6. I am SO sorry for your–and the rest of the world’s–loss, Amanda. It seems he just couldn’t NOT continue to be a HERO after the wars!! Was in AWE and was totally astounded and humbled reading about him. There’s a feeling of GREAT loss and sadness here. I’ll be praying for you, your family and friends, and Bat World. Love-you-and-never-met-you, Charlotte.

  7. I did not have the pleasure of knowing Major Lollar but I know his daughter Amanda. I know her selflessness, dedication, and love of animals. Everything I have heard about Major Lollar tells me that the apple did not fall far from the tree. He must have been a very special man and his passing is a great loss to this world.

  8. Amanda,
    We are so sad and so sorry to hear of your Dad’s passing. We are saddened also by the incredible sense of loss you must be feeling. Your dad was quite a guy, in so very many ways! We consider ourselves lucky that we got to meet him, and we think of him every time we look at his bat house that’s mounted on our home. We carry you in our hearts and hope the good memories you have of your Dad will eventually help ease the pain of his loss.
    Jan & Bruce

  9. Please accept my heartfelt sympathies and prayers on the passing of Major Lollar. I am saddened to have missed a chance to speak with such an amazing, compassionate and dedicated man. I know he will probably enjoy getting to know my Uncle Chas. The world has grown dimmer for his passing but Heaven is brighter….The most important thing is his daughter Amanda has proven to be equally a fighter and tough as nails. What man would not be proud of a daughter such as her…..

  10. We are so sorry for your loss. Your father was a brave, generous man and the world will be a poorer place for his passing. Clearly he was proud of you and all you have done — no father could have asked for a more compassionate and dedicated daughter, and your life and work is his legacy. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  11. Amanda, please accept my condolences on your father’s passing. He sounds like a terrifc father and amazing hero. I am sending hugs and prayers to you.
    Dear God, Please surround Amanda with Your angels’ wings, to give her comfort and ease at this tiime. Thank You, Lord. Amen

  12. What a wonderful man your dad was.He wasn’t just a father but someone who was there to support you with your passion .Very few people in this world like that I know he’ll be missed dearly. Love to you and yours.

  13. A truly inspirational story about a truly inspirational and true man who leaves us as he deserves to, with those military honors. My condolences to those he leaves behind.

  14. We are so sorry, Amanda, to hear of the loss of your father. I hope the wonderful memories you created together, and the wonderful life you shared, will be a great source of comfort to you. Kathy & Prudi & the DFW Wildlife Coalition Family

  15. I’m so sorry Amanda for your loss. He definitely completed an inspirational life, and lead one of the most influential women in our lifetime (you) to great success. May his love and determination live on in bat world. I think it would be wonderful if you named one of the rescue bats major.. keep his spirit living on!! My heart goes out to you and the rest of your family! I miss you Amanda!

  16. I had the privalege to grown up next door to Luther. He was an extradoinary man! I remember as a child, a fawn got caught in our fence. Its back leg was broken. Dad said we needed to put it down. We children said no taken it to Mr. Lollar he can fix it. Dad picked it up telling us it was not going to make it. But we had faith in Mr Lollar. He bound the leg and kept it in his barn about 8 weeks. Oneday he called and told us to come over he was going to set it free. It is a great memory! That is the kind of man this world lost. My thoughts and prayers are with you Amanda!

  17. RIP Major Lollar. I agree with Lee, Kate and Martin – Bat World is his legacy. I also think naming a rescued bat after him would be a great idea.

  18. RIP Major Lollar. Having read about the wonderful person you were, it is no wonder why your incredible daughter, Amanda is no different and why she came to create Bat World. It is obvious your loving nature and excellent parenting was the true start behind the creation of Bat World. Amanda could not have asked for a better role model. Thank you for all you ever did for the bats. We, who love Bat World will do our best to carry on your legacy. God Bless You!

  19. I am so sorry for your loss….but I so enjoyed learning about his life and accomplishments in this post. Major was clearly a force for good throughout his life and brought his talent, generosity, and spirit to the lives and efforts he touched. Thanks to him, the world is a better place. Peace, comfort, and condolences as family and friends mourn his passing – and celebrate his life.

  20. Used a helicopter as a weapon? OMG! I so wish I could have heard some of his stories!!!!! His would make a fantastic movie, a real honest to God hero!!!!!

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