Frog Logs & Critter Skimmers

Frog Logs and Critter Skimmers (links below) save countless lives every summer. They help bats as well as birds, frogs, toads, lizards, mice, chipmunks and loads of other critters who accidentally fall in to pools and have no way to escape. If you have an outdoor pool please add a frog log as well as a critter skimmer. These items will help save bats like little “Skimmer” below, a frog-sized evening bat who was found clinging to clump of leaves in a swimming pool in Colleyville, TX following a severe thunderstorm. Little “Skimmer” floated in the pool until he was discovered the following morning by the homeowner. He ended up with aspiration pneumonia and thankfully recovered. A frog log may have allowed him to find his way out of the pool and safely fly away.

Note: When purchasing from the links given below, Bat World Sanctuary will receive a percentage of the sale which helps us save even more bats!

Frog Logs
Square Critter Skimmer
Round Critter Skimmer

Do you have a bat house? Please also see pup catchers.




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