Delilah is a hoary bat that was found by a kind person in the spring of 2017. She spotted Delilah on the ground and immediately called Bat World Sanctuary for help. When Delilah arrived to us for care, it was discovered that two of her wing fingers were broken, likely from a strong storm that had passed through the area.

Delilah was very thin and dehydrated—it was apparent that she had not been able to fly and forage for insects in at least two days. After we provided Delilah with an emergency injection of fluids we gave her pain medication and set to work on her broken fingers, which were bloody and caked with dirt. During her treatment, Delilah looked at us while gently licking her injured fingers as if to say, “Thank you for helping me.”

Over the next few weeks Delilah’s fingers healed. While she was healing she was also learning to eat mealworms from a dish, something she truly looked forward to. Delilah would actually lick her lips in anticipation when hearing the worms being prepared for her twice-daily feedings. Injured hoary bats do very well in an enriched captive environment. They accept the fate of their injuries and adjust.

Because Delilah can no longer fly, she has a “plush” tree stump, artificial leaves and other soft enrichment items to brighten her life. And although by nature hoary bats are solitary, in captivity all rules are broken. Delilah loves to snuggle with another solitary roosting species, a red bat named Sweet Pea.

Delilah has settled in nicely to her captive life and still eagerly looks forward to her dishes being placed below the leaves and foam rock where she hangs in comfort in her enclosure. After her meal arrives, she crawls down to where her small dishes have been placed and she devours large, juicy meal worms at her own leisure. After she finishes eating she grooms her gorgeous fur and washes her face, then climbs back to her roost to snuggle with Sweet Pea.

Delilah deserves all of the care, comfort and nourishing food we can give her, and we always have plenty to share.

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