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Bat World values your patronage and is committed to safeguarding your privacy. Any information submitted to Bat World Sanctuary when placing an order or making a donation is used only for the purpose you’ve intended. Bat World Sanctuary will never give away, trade, or sell your personal information to anyone.

Absolutely no rights of distribution, reproduction, or preparation of derivative works, in whole or in part, is granted without prior permission. No text, graphics or photos may be downloaded and used on another Internet site without express permission of Bat World Sanctuary. Note that we will actively protect against infringement of our materials, although we will happily provide most our information free of charge to like-minded individuals and groups. To request permission to obtain photo and/or literature usage please contact us at [email protected]

No statement made on the Bat World web site shall be construed as permission or recommendation to handle bats. Any medical or animal care content provided on any page within this web site is intended for use by persons in possession of appropriate licenses and permits and vaccinated against rabies. Information regarding health and safety precautions in this web site may not be adequate for all individuals and/or situations. It is the users obligation to follow the recommendations of medical health and medical care professionals and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Please report any web related issues to our web support team, Codeprint.


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