Support Bat World with your credit card swipes!

Remember the old days, when you paid with cash for your groceries and could drop the loose change in a donation can to help out an organization you cared about?  Now, the practice of small and affordable donations to a cause you care about IS BACK – Bat World Sanctuary has partnered with CaringCent to bring a fun and secure way to support us that meets the demands of your busy life and one that allows you to track and retain your tax deduction!

How it works

After a quick registration with CaringCent, supporting Bat World Sanctuary is as easy as simply using the registered debit or credit card as you go about your daily life.  When you make purchases on your card, the purchase amount is rounded up to the whole next dollar and the difference goes to the organization you chose to support.



CaringCent does not store bank login information or transactions on their servers.

All sensitive data is entered into partner systems that meet the highest standards in data security, privacy, and regulatory compliance.


Small Change.

One short registration, and then you can go about your daily activities, knowing that with every purchase, you are making a difference for bats in need of rescue. Plus, you can set a monthly maximum donation amount, so you don’t go beyond what you can afford.


Big Impact!

Donating your small change might not sound like doing a lot. But over time and when combined with other donors, your change can have a huge impact on Bat World Sanctuary — if just 350 donors sign up to support us through CaringCent, we can cover our annual food bill!


How to use CaringCent to support Bat World:

  1.  Sign up in minutes: go to https://donate.caringcent.com/#/go/batworld to create your account.
  2. Go shopping!  Whenever you make a purchase, use the card you registered with CaringCent.  Your purchase amount will be rounded up, and the change will go to support Bat World!
  3. Spread the word:  this small change adds up when combined with other donors!
  4. Access information about your donations and rounding transactions, available at any time!

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