Build a New Bat World!

Bat World’s Bat Castle

We are involved in two conservation projects. The first project, building artificial habitat for wild bats, is complete
The Bat Castle

Please help us complete the second project:
A New Sanctuary!

The new Bat World Sanctuary facility will include expansive indoor-outdoor flight enclosures for the bats, and will be large enough to accept more bats who are relinquished from the exotic pet trade as well as those who are be retired from zoos and research. In the past three years dozens of bat zoo exhibits have closed, leaving hundreds of bats in dire need of sanctuary. Sadly, many of these bats end up in the exotic pet trade where their 25 year life expectancy is often cut short to less than a year (read more about “pet bats” here). Bat World desperately needs to expand in order to take in more of these helpless animals, before a worse fate befalls them.

This new facility would also to be capable of housing assurance colonies of bat species in jeopardy of extinction due to White Nose Syndrome (WNS).

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