June 1, 1991 – March 2, 2001
Bucko hanging in a basket way to small for his body. Click to enlarge.


On March the 2nd, 2001, we lost a friend who was admired and cherished by thousands of people.

Bucko was in the prime of his life, healthy and robust, so his death came as a complete shock to all of us. He died from a pulmonary embolism, a blood clot which can form from something as minor as a bruise. The clot travels through the bloodstream and eventually enters the lungs, causing death. There are no symptoms until it is too late.

Bucko checking out a volunteer’s attire.

Early one morning Bucko was found to have labored breathing and he appeared to be in pain. He was rushed to our veterinarian where he was examined and received pain medication. Fortunately, the medication put him to sleep. He passed away a few hours later without ever waking.

Bucko was a charming bat who educated thousands of adults and children during his all too brief seven years with us. It was a true joy to watch his ever amazing antics. No one that personally met Bucko could ever mention him again without smiling. We hope photos on this page will convey how truly special he was.

Bucko was the first straw-colored fruit bat to grace us with his presence. He was a sweet and comical soul and will be forever missed.

Bucko with his Egyptian fruit bat friends. Click to enlarge.
Bucko eating pieces of apple that were place on his bell for fun.