Queensland-dontshootbatsThe Queensland, Australia government-sanctioned killing of two threatened species – Spectacled and Grey-headed flying-foxes, has enraged bat conservationists across the globe. The government banned the shooting of flying-foxes in 2008 after the Australian Animal Welfare Advisory Committee found it was inhumane.  However, fruit growers are now being permitted to shoot flying-foxes, despite its acknowledged cruelty.  To add insult to injury, Minister John McVeigh said “It’s important every Queenslander understands animal cruelty is never acceptable”.  Ironic since Minister McVeigh has not responded to bat conservationist’s emails and has not made one single move to stop this uncivilized, cruel kill, condoned by Campbell Newman, Premier of Queensland.

Four flying-fox species are being needlessly killed: Grey-headed (endangered), Spectacled (endangered), Black and Little red flying-foxes. Fruit growers can protect their crops far more effectively with nets, costing as little as $8,000 per hectare (or every 2.471 acres) and the government has a program in place to assist them with the expense, the Sustainability Loans Program.

The barbaric killing of these innocent animals is unacceptable. Bats are being used for target practice as they fly through the orchards.  The partially massacred bodies of these majestic creatures are retrieved and thrown into plastic bags while they are still breathing so that they may slowly suffocate.  In other situations, bat workers have found that the injured were not retrieved and were left to die over a 3-4 day period, victims of predators, insects, dehydration and blood loss.  This is the fate of the adults and the mothers who have newborn nursing young on them.  Still others, such as pups developed enough to remain in the camp but too young to fly, are left to die of dehydration and starvation while they innocently await the return of their mothers who have suffered an even worse fate.

We have contacted individual Ministers of the government to voice our concern and they are now responding with ‘lip service’ emails.  This means we must ramp up our efforts.  Stopping is not an option while innocent animals are being mutilated.  Please join our 30-day email campaign wherein we will email numerous Queensland government officials with our protests. We will boycott travel to Australia, as well as the purchase of any Australian product until they stop these barbaric killings.

It is incumbent upon bat conservationists and the environmentally concerned to have a voice that can be heard around the world.  Please join us to make this happen.  We want to make this easy on you in order for you to commit to the 30-day campaign without interruption.  It will only take a couple of minutes of your time each day; just a minute or two, to save these pure, blameless animals.  They have no one else but us and remember, alone we are but one voice, together we ROAR.


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Dear Queensland Official,

The latest ‘form letter’ response from Troy Collings, Chief of Staff, equals the Queensland government’s barbaric killing of flying foxes in absurdity. This is not a deliberate attempt to be offensive, but the response is insulting and offers nothing but empty comments about a devastating situation. One can understand how any failed conservation action is referred to as the “Australian Effect” and how the term originated.Mr. Collings states, “The Queensland Government recognises your concerns and believes it is taking the necessary action to minimise the damage to fruit crops caused by flying-foxes without compromising the welfare or long-term conservation of these animals”. You are killing endangered species!! If that is not compromising the welfare of the animal, what is?Queensland cannot possibly control the number of animals shot given the land mass over which the shootings take place nor can you prevent the ‘target practice’ shoots of flying foxes, leaving them to die an agonizing death over a 3-4 day period. Your barbaric plan cannot prevent the culling of lactating females who leave innocent, young, viable animals to starve to death nor does it accommodate the human response wherein farmer’s who overkill simply bury the evidence.This culling involves endangered species and yet you are trying to tell the world what you are doing is in the best interest of the farmers? This action does not mix well with the goals of Queensland’s 2012-2016n Strategic Plan to “ …maximize sustainable tourism growth for the social and environmental benefit of all Queenslanders.” On the contrary, dozens of people who planned tp visit Queensland have now decided against visiting there because of the barbaric culling of threatened bats currently taking place.

You have a feasible option for the farmers as well as the animals – netting. If you truly want to co-exist with the flying foxes instead of rendering them extinct, then your country would be better served financially if you did the same thing as the City of Austin, TX. They were going to eliminate the bats from the downtown area (viewed as a nuisance) because of the guano (and perceived health risk) until they were educated about the economic and environmental impacts of such a decision. Now Austin realizes $10-$15 million dollars a year in tourism due to the population of bats in that city (in excess of 2 million). It is called the Austin Bat Tour and people come from as far away as Europe (and yes, even Australia) to witness the nightly emergence during the summer months. They have learned to embrace the bats rather than victimize them. Your country would be better served financially if you did the same thing. Set up flying fox tours so people can be situated between a camp and a foraging ground to view the bats (in Austin they put bat channeling under the bridge to provide a roosting place for over 1.5 million bats), plant sacrificial crops for them to eat near their camps, advertise for donations for the appropriate crop protective nets used in orchards, via Facebook, animal welfare groups and apply for emergency animal welfare grants. You have organizations on the ground in Australia ready and willing to work with you.

Queensland is playing with the ecological balance of our planet at a time when we have reached the limits of our options. The response from Mr. Collings was disturbing and despicable, and has made conservationists even more determined to fight your actions and let the world know that Australia murders its native species when there are benign solutions available. Consequently, I will be spreading the word to tourism groups, humane societies, and environmentally conscious people around the world to boycott travel to Australia as well as the boycott of Australian products until Queensland stops the needless killing bats.Your Signature.

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  1. I’ve asked many times but no reply. WHO IS MONITORING THE KILLINGS? and if you are paying someone to do so WHY NOT BUY WILDLIFE NETTING?

  2. What would the world do without Bats? When was the last time you saw a HUMAN pollinate a flower or eat insects on the fly?

  3. All animals were created by God, are loved by all and serve us in the end. Many Bats love to eat nasty bugs….. that helps everyone!

  4. Stop killing the bats. They are beneficial animals & part of the ecosystem that is essential to keeping nature in balance. There are other non-evasive methods that are more effective and not deadly. Please do use the bats as an excuse. It is appalling that these beautiful animals are falling victim to negative press & opinion.

  5. what will they do when there are no more bats to pollinate there trees? the bees are being whiped out too from pestacides so all the fruit trees will stop repoducing if not pollinated

  6. Humans will never be happy unless they destroy the world and us all in it!!!!!!!Humans are the WORST of the WORST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Please, for the love of God, nature and survival, STOP this inhumane practice! HUMANS are the most vile predator to OUR Earth. Stop this nonsense!

  8. Who will be checking the numbers? Who will be picking up the dead and wounded? I want answers Please and want them now!

  9. as a consumer I have a right to know where my fruit is coming from and yes even if it’s shipped oversea. I don’t want my family eating fruit from any farmer who shoots bats.

  10. as a consumer I have THE right to know where my fruit is coming from — and yes even if it’s shipped overseas. I don’t want My Family eating fruit from ANY farmer who shoots bats. Also — with this unforgivable act going on — if at any time in future decide to travel I Will Not be visiting there . No Tourist money from me or mine, and I know other people who feel the same way.

  11. when killing flying foxes farmers should count every female as two. At this time of the year when a female is killed her baby will die as well.

  12. It’s sad to know, people kill bat because of ignorance. Believing they will eat your blood or some king of dark and evil forces. the Tequila plant is pollinate only because of bats. they formed a balance in nature helping vs insects, pollinating flowers.
    Like some folks here say: Humans are the World’s cancer.
    year 2012 and we’re destroying our planet.
    When are we going to open the eyes ?

  13. Human Animals are the worst animals on this planet. Ignorant, selfish, cruel, war-like the list goes on. We are not the only ones who have the privilage of living on this earth. God didn’t create just us!
    Other animals should have the right to live here w/o being killed for no good reason or because someone gets a kick out of it-most hunters who wish to think they are real men by how many antlers a buck has. Real men don’t kill!

  14. There is a better way that doesn’t hurt the farmers or the bats it doesn’t make any sense at all to not just do it that way. Please use the right nets and this can all be helped.

  15. I had always thought You Aussies were known to be lovers of nature. All of the nature shows, all of the articles that come out of your country seem to enforce that idea. Then we find out that your kill, shoot, electrocute, net with razor wire one of the most beneficial of all mammals. Do you not know what you are doing to your country as well as the world. We need pollinators, we need seed scatterers, we need insect control. Are you as a country willing to take on these jobs when you have killed all of the bats. You cannot be a bat killer and an environmentalist at the same time. So I guess you are just Bat killers. Shame on you. I will discourage all of my friends about traveling to your country. After all you may determine tourist are a pest and shoot us.
    Shame on you, you should be ashamed.

    1. Unfortunately Mary, we had a change in government that is promoting mining and residential developments that destroy habitat. Their destruction of the environment is nothing short of devastating to us in Queensland, a state of Australia. They are currently working on destroying the barrier reef for mining and oil. I am so embarrassed to say I actually voted for them. That won’t happen again!

  16. How can any one condone this cruel and barbaric practice. The Shooting permits clearly state that only stationary animals can be shot at and it clearly states that each permit will allow 30 black flying foxes; 30 little red flying foxes; 20 grey-headed flying foxes; and 15 spectacled flying foxes. How can any inexperienced person shooting at night identify which species they are shooting at?, how will the government be able to ensure that the licence conditions are upheld?, Will they count each lactating female as 2 deaths? There are so many questions, no answers are being given. Not good enough!!!!

  17. Is this no end to this stupidity by our conservative State Governments? The management of our Environment has been sent back to the 1930s with complete disregard to the immense scientific knowledge gained since then & the hard work of instigating modern conservation & wildlife recovery programs. What’s next – reintroduction of whaling & seal harvesting?

  18. Please stop shooting these beautiful creatures! They are a benifit to our planet and God put them here, like us, for a reason!
    If kill one female you are actually killing TWO! She and her baby who will starve without her! Cruelty comes back to haunt those that inflict it….it’s called KARMA!


  19. It should be relatively simple to find a non lethal deterrent.
    Our neighbours reported unraided fruit trees for the first year since their residence here when a couple of dingoes moved in next door. Put some of those massive 1080 funds you seem to splash around with such gay abandon, to a research study to deter, not kill.

  20. Man!!!!!!!!!! you guys are a bunch of phoneys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess the crock hunter was a fluke and the rest of you are as bad as all the serial killers out there.

  21. Without these wonderful creatures the mosquitoes will get out of hand and people like me will become walking buffets for them! Please end this senseless killing of the bats! Every female counts as 2 bats that are killed!

  22. Bats make the whole woldwide biodiversity, belong to everybody and everyone… Theyer necessary and useful. They are protected and preserved iall over our Earth… They need to live as we all live, they belong to the Living Nature. Don’t shoot them. We need them.

  23. Murdering bats is wrong. They are part of our natural heritage and deserving of our support as much as koalas and Tasmanian devils.

  24. It’s just wrong and unecessary! Brought on by a lazy or ignorant government who could help by farmers by supplying subsides for the netting of the friut. Why doesn’t common sense prevail.

  25. To allow such inhumane TORTURE is barbaric, and serves ONLY to satisfy the BLOODLUST of soul less humans. To kill an innocent, defenseless, LIVING creature that proves no harm(actually HELPS-though this should have NO bearing, as NO living creature should suffer) is disgusting, and MUST be stopped.

  26. I thought the Aussies were very aware of the welfare of their wildlife treasures. I can not understand the standards that are adopted and then ignored just to profit a few. Please put a stop to this senseless killing. Once a species is extinct you can’t bring it back.

  27. I am comitted to boycotting travel to Queensland because of your bat policies…I also post all sorts of bat information from this and other Pro-bat websites to my facebook page, to educate my friends and family about your unfair policies towards bats.

  28. Killing native animals is indicative of a sick, lazy and stupid government. How many millions of dollars went up in smoke during fireworks displays on New Years Eve? Can we live without one night of wildlife terrorising fireworks and perhaps channel those funds into useful things like wildlife safe full exclusion netting for farmers. DON’T SHOOT OUR BATS LNP.

  29. Killing bats so that humans can have more food…. have you SEEN us lately – do we LooK like we NEED more food?

  30. People are so worried about their money and profit, that killing a beautiful animal seems to be the best answer… I don’t get this! Their numbers are in decline and their service to us can NOT be replaced! ALL bats should be protected and respected all over the world! No one should have the right to harm these animals!

    May God be with those helping these and all bats!

  31. I stopped believing that human beings are worth saving a long time ago. You can suggest all the wonderful things we’re capable of all you want, but just the fact that we allow innocents to suffer and become extinct all in the name of personal gain renders us undeserving of this earth. We’re all guilty. All of us. I’ll delight in the flames when our society finally destroys itself.

  32. I’m moving back to Australia, and to FNQ at the end of this year, so will be back there and able to vote.
    I hope you have gotten back on the path to conservation, or the business plans I have will have to be taken elsewhere.
    Australia has the opportunitiy to be a world leader and set an example for the right way of doing things, so get on that path NOW.

  33. Please, stop killing th bats. Killing the bats will result in the loss of your trees! Bats are essential to the ecosystem–pollination and insect control. Think before you act!

  34. The people are truly gone mad and their evil ways reveal their nature! Stop this insanity of abuse, torture and cruelty to these bats. The earth does suffer from the ways of man that are blinded to the workings of nature. In the end, everything suffers, even you madmen!

  35. Can’t help but thinking you are not taking our pleas seriously. You must know that positive action can only save these marvelous creatures that only help our environment.

  36. DON’T SHOOT THE BATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BATS WERE HERE BEFORE ANY OF US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEARN FROM THE BATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Now that over 3000 bats have died of natural causes (heat wave) don’t you it’s time time to stop killing them on purpose?

  38. Bats eat insects that invest fruits. So it makes no sense to kill the bats. Nets are far more effective in protecting crops than shot guns. Stop the slaughter of the innocent!!!

  39. All species of bats are endangered all over the world. To target an endangered species for killing is immoral and inhumane. Please, Queensland, STOP.

  40. Please bats are so very important to the Eco System and control the bug population. What is the purpose to all those killings it is inhumane.

  41. Once you’ve killed all the Bats, then what will you do about the insect overpopulation? you then will introduce toxic chemicals that will kill even further. How will your fruit trees get pollinated/ Such ignorance and disregard for live. It’s appalling. I have always dreamed of going to your country, I thought you were more civilized. I guess I was wrong.

  42. I am planning a trip to Australia and New Zealand with some of my friends and this issue has decided us that we will not come and spend our tourist dollars in Queensland on this trip. Instead we will be sending donations to the bat rescue. Sorry Campbell, you lose.

  43. I always thought Australia was very proud and caring of its wildlife now I guess that was only TV selling an untruth. That you could be so cruel and uncaring about a helpless small animal as a bat is very discouraging. I no longer want to visit your country.

  44. I wish the farmers would realize just how beneficial the bats are to their crops. As for shooting them that’s just barbaric.

  45. glass.house, ashgrove and toowoomba have rejected my email as spam!

    So now they are so determined to kill the bats that they will not even received emails contradicting that idea – and this is supposed to be a democratic government?????

    Shame on you Queensland

  46. I will send e-mails but I don’t understand how the first sentence makes any sense! Are you saying their response is absurd. What does ” equals the Queensland government’s barbaric killing of flying foxes in absurdity” mean or should it read “an absurdity”. Not trying to be picky here but need to understand what you mean!

  47. These are truly beautiful creatures! People need to stop being so ignorant and start appreciating these creatures rather that loathing them.

  48. Honestly what the hell is wrong with you people. I mean for Brahma’s sake i live in America where you would expect this shit. and that would be intolerable here.

  49. How deplorable! Stop the killing of these ENDANGERED animals. What a poor reflection on your country – You wont find my travel plans anywhere there!

  50. Man is the only sole reason for the annihilation and destruction of nature and animals. Until the animal dies, then the nature and last but not least the man. That is the poetic justice.
    Please do not kill the bats !!!

  51. We need bats! I don’t understand why anyone would shoot them. Bats control our pest population and are necessary to a healthy eco-system.

  52. It’s a bit like rancher-PARASITES wanting to murder all the Wolves & Buffalo, so their cattle can graze in Wild areas, isn’t it?? Wolves & Bison were in amerika FIRST -just like the Bats were in OZ first. I said “F&%# the rancher-PARASITES,” and now I’m saying “F%&# fruit-growers – the Bats were there first, and evolved to eat fruit!! If you throw corn on the ground, Sparrows will come, and if you grow fruit trees, Fruit Bats will will eat the fruit!! How the hell are they supposed to know some aberrant chimpanzee thinks it’s all his??!!”

  53. If you are killers of wildlife like Bats, it makes me not want to spend my tourism dollars in your country. Just as I no longer spend even a dime in some of the states hear in the USA that have policies I detest. Bats pollinate flora, they are as essential as bees and birds. Please rethink any considering of slaughtering bats

  54. Australia, you are my favorite continent and my favorite country in the world and I have visited many. Bats are innocents and they perform a vital function in this world and are unfairly the subject of much abuse and bad press. Please don’t do this, you have alternatives, and there is nothing more precious than life, particularly life of innocents. This is your chance to do something good, DO IT.

  55. Don’t shoot bats – these are a precious creature of this world – smart and loving – and have a right to exist in their own right and for our future generations to enjoy as well. Protective netting is a worth investment in this case. DO NOT SHOOT!

  56. This is just uneducated and unbelievably cruel Campbell Newman. I will rally a squad against your cull squad and make sure that there will be enough people to prevent the shooting of any bat. War against your politics is on Campbell.

  57. All creatures have a right to live without being abused or mistreated-they are part of the earth’s natural system. Nature should be respected .

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