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Denise Tomlinson bat program
Denise Tomlinson with a fruit bat

Biologist Denise Tomlinson offers a variety of entertaining educational programs for all ages.  Each program varies from another somewhat in topic from bats from around the world to the bats of Virginia.  All of the educational programs dispel myths and provide the audience a great natural history and knowledge of these misunderstood creatures.  Most programs are roughly one hour in duration and can be geared toward any age group, including adults.  One program is specifically designed for pre-K to kindergarten and is roughly 30-45 minutes in duration.  The type of bats that are shown vary with the theme of the program.  Bats shown can be from other countries (the larger fruit bats – a favorite of most people) to native species.

Prices vary with the type of program, but range from $100 – $150 plus travel fees.  Travel fees are based on distance and are determined by the county or city within Virginia.  Out of state programs are determined on a case by case basis.

Special programs for special events can also be presented.  Special auditorium, festival, library, retail stores (for bat houses sales), mist-netting or outdoor programs (with non-flighted bats) can be given.  Please contact us for more information and prices.

Denise Tomlinson has been presenting educational programs for over a decade to all age groups and has been endorsed by wildlife and health department officials.  She has presented educational programs throughout the United States and even Costa Rica, Canada and the Cayman Islands.  References are available.

A program brochure can be mailed, emailed or faxed to you. For more information, please contact BWHamptonRoads@aol.com or call (757) 346-0959.


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