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Bat World VP Dottie Hyatt, teaching a pre-schooler about bats.
Bat World VP, Dottie Hyatt, teaching a pre-schooler about the importance of bats.

Bat World is dedicated to protecting the balance of the environment as well as providing educational programs to school children. We have been giving educational presentations for over a decade. Our guidelines for programs using live bats are endorsed by both public health and wildlife officials, and are utilized by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association. Bat World has been featured on 20/20, Animal Planet, Nickelodeon, David Letterman and The Disney Channel, to name just a few.

Our informative and entertaining programs dispel myths while encouraging conservation. Respect for all wildlife is encouraged, with particular emphasis placed on the potential dangers of handling wild animals. Both foliage-roosting and crevice-dwelling bats are utilized in the program. The non-releasable bats that take part in our lectures are only those that are not stressed while being viewed. Along with learning about the ecological importance of bats, students and adults learn about the fascinating personalities of the individual bats.

Brazilian free-tailed bat

The program runs approximately 1.5 hours.  It sounds like a long time, but there is so much information to cover and bats to be viewed that the time goes very quickly.  If we need to shorten it to an hour, we can do that to accommodate your needs.  Any less time and it does not do the species or the children justice.  Bats are that fascinating.

Educational information cards are provided to attendees. The children will also be asked to take a ‘bat scout pledge’ to never touch a bat and then they receive an official bat scout ring.

All of the money we raise from our lectures goes towards the care, feeding and housing of the bats as well as towards our rescue and conservation efforts to support bats worldwide.

  • Classroom lectures: $250.00 for up to 45 attendees
  • Additional people (over 45) – $3.00 each

Thank you for reviewing our outreach education program information.  We hope we will have the opportunity to visit and share the wonderful world of bats with you.

Contact Dottie Hyatt
Phone: 817-431-4866
Email: dhyatt@batworld.org


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