Bat World Educational Programs-Iowa

Here in the Heartland, educational programs are offered to all ages through presentations to a variety of groups: the classroom, scouts, libraries, garden and conversation societies, just to name a few.  These programs are approximately one hour in length and provide an entertaining look into the importance role bats play in our environment, separate truths and myths that continue to create fear and hate for these misunderstood creatures and provide ways on how humans can learn to respect and help all bats in their peril.

Every program can be customized to fit the needs of a time frame, age level  (those little pre-schoolers are some of the finest audiences I have ever faced!) or can be geared to meet the interests of a particular special interest group such as a garden club or a bat house building scout troop.

Arrangements can also be made to set up an information booth at community events celebrating special days like Earth Day, Science & Conservation Expos.

Live bats, who live as permanent residents, attend all programs and serve as ambassadors for their species.  Their presence alone, most often brings a greater understanding and appreciation of bats and opens the door for the audience to learn more.  It is always in compliance of the strictest safety standards that these bats are allowed to come.

Vera Blevins, program director, also continues with her twenty plus years of rescue and rehab.  As a home-based rehab center, time frame, distance, or care giving for rescued animals sometime makes it impossible to schedule programs. However, every effort is made to meet your requests.

Prices vary as the programs are adjusted to meet these requests. They are usually in the $100.00 range plus travel expenses for programs over 25 miles. All monies collected for programs help support the continued care and rescue of all bats.

If you are interested in scheduling a program or event, please contact:

Vera Blevins
563-355-7831 or
E-mail: blevinsva42@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest in bats and your desire to educate others.



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