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Typical day in the office…

Bat World's Dogs












Rescued dogs pictured above, from left to right: Grumbles (washing Sammy’s face), Awful Moe (licking Kizmet’s shoulder), and Pyewacket and Daffy having tug of war with another dog bed.

Positions held at Bat World:

  • Grumbles: UPS Alerter
  • Sammy: Dog bed holder-downer
  • Kizmet: Junk mail shredder
  • Awful Moe: Auxiliary to Grumbles
  • Pyewacket: Human volunteer’s food polisher-offer
  • Daffy: Dumpster Truck Alerter
  • Team effort: Providing fur fixes to volunteers while bats are sleeping.


Norbert the Toad lives in the back of the facility and comes up for a breakfast of left over meal worms every morning. (Click photo to enlarge).

Along with Norbert, we care for 5 alley cats that have all taken part in the TNR program (see Mr. Kitty), birds, a grumpy squirrel, and a family of raccoons who -every summer night- visit a kiddie pool we provide for them after they came up for water during a 2010 heat wave.


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