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How do I Become a Bat Care Specialist?

Charts, Chapters and Supplies:
Bat Admission Form-Public Waiver
Differential Diagnostic Chart
2018 Medication Chart
Feeding Adult Insectivorous Bats (book chapter)
Bat World Standards for Bats in Captivity
Pattern for microbat roosting pouches
Pop up rehab enclosures
Pop up Tent (small, temporary indoor flight enclosure)
Releasing Bats Back to the Wild

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The Rehabilitation and Captive Care of Insectivorous Bats

By Amanda Lollar. Includes chapters on rehabilitation, routine therapies, nutrition, behavior, enrichment, reproduction, caring for pregnant bats, orphan care, adult care, flight enclosures, dental issues, parasites, wing, leg and other injuries, skin conditions, blunt force trauma, insect stings, frostbite, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, euthanasia, release, hibernation, rabies, a differential diagnostic chart, a medication chart and more. 213 pages, 181 color photos. 
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PATHOLOGY REPORTS (free to download)
Torticollis in big brown bat
Suspected toxins in milk formula, free-tailed pup
Bladder stone in big brown pup
Bacterial cystitis in big brown bat
Roundworms in brain of mastiff bat
Thymic atrophy in free-tailed pup
Cardiomyopathy in big brown pup
Bacterial meningitis and yeast in free-tailed bat
Endometritis in Seminole bat
Bacterial hepatitis in yellow bat
Metabolic bone disease in yellow bat
Aspiration pneumonia in red bat pup
Septic cellulitis in facial tissue of Seminole pup
Wing wasting syndrome in five free-tailed bats


DISCLAIMER: No statements made in these videos shall be construed as permission or recommendation to handle bats. The content is intended for use only by individuals vaccinated against the rabies virus and in possession of the appropriate licenses or permits. Information regarding health and safety precautions may not be adequate for all individuals and/or situations. It is the viewer’s responsibility to follow the recommendations of medical health professionals and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Initial exam
Hydrating adult bats
Extending the wing
Removing ectoparasites
Bathing adult bats
Drying/brushing adult bats
Proper hand-feeding technique
Training adult bats to self feed
Stabilizing a closed radial fracture on an adult bat
Stabilizing a closed humeral fracture on an adult bat
Radial amputation on a deceased T. brasiliensis
Hydrating infant bats
Feeding infant crevice bats from foam tips
Feeding infant tree bats
Abdomen of properly fed infant bat
Cleaning infant bats
Video of evening bat giving birth
Emergency episiotomy on a free-tailed bat


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