Bat Rehabilitation

Bat World Sanctuary is pleased to once again offer our one-day Bat Rehabilitation Basics Workshop. Rehabilitators learn the basic skills that are essential to successfully rehabilitating orphaned and injured bats and returning them to their natural habitat. The one-day workshop is limited to 6 people. This class format is a combination of lecture, discussion, and hands-on activities designed to provide students with key information and experience. Click here for additional information.

How do I Become a Bat Care Specialist?
World Bat Line e-group (lurk and learn)

Differential Diagnostic Chart
2011 Medication Chart
Bat World Sanctuary Complete Soft Food Diet (book chapter)
Bat World Standards for Bats in Captivity
Pattern for microbat roosting pouches
Bat Admission Form-Public Waiver

full tummy
Click for chapter on hand-raising orphaned insectivorous bats

INFANT CARE – Free book chapter

We are aware that a key ingredient (Go & Grow) in our milk formula recipe for orphaned insectivorous bats has been discontinued. The replacement product recommended by our nutritional scientist Mark Finmke is Similac Neosure. It has a little more protein but the fat is the same. The weight measurement for this product is the same as Go & Grow. Mark has sent a sample to a lab for some analysis. Once the results are we can update the nutritional info for our milk formula recipe. It should be very similar.


Standards and Medical Management for Captive Insectivorous BatsStandards and Medical Management for Captive Insectivorous Bats

Contains procedures and information found in Captive Care and Medical Reference for  the Rehabilitation of Insectivorous Bats, and much more. Includes extensive chapters on rehabilitation, enrichment, managing reproductive colonies, orphan care, dental issues, parasites, wing repair, skin conditions, euthanasia, routine therapies, a differential diagnostic chart and a medication chart. 206 pages, 142 color photos. A companion DVD that includes 22 instructional videos is also available.
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To purchase please see Rehab Supplies.

Vaccinating Insectivorous Bats Against Rabies

Insectivorous Bats in Zoos
Banding Insectivorous Bats
Inhumane Handling Techniques

PATHOLOGY REPORTS (free to download)
Torticollis in big brown bat
Suspected toxins in milk formula, free-tailed pup
Bladder stone in big brown pup
Bacterial cystitis in big brown bat
Roundworms in brain of mastiff bat
Thymic atrophy in free-tailed pup
Cardiomyopathy in big brown pup
Bacterial meningitis and yeast in free-tailed bat
Endometritis in Seminole bat
Bacterial hepatitis in yellow bat
Metabolic bone disease in yellow bat
Aspiration pneumonia in red bat pup
Septic cellulitis in facial tissue of Seminole pup

WNS  Scarring Index


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