Baby Bliss

Some of you may not be aware that, along with bats, Bat World’s staff also rescues dogs, cats, goats, sheep and chickens. We have several live-stream cams on our website so you can see all sorts of rescued critters as well as wildlife like squirrels, raccoons, opossums, birds, deer and rabbits. We also have a very large pond on the property that is home to fish, turtles, toads, frogs and ducks. Last summer, our local animal shelter contacted us about an older sheep who was found running down a neighborhood road after escaping from slaughter. When she went unclaimed, they asked if we would take her and of course we said yes! At first, we planned to transfer her to another accredited sanctuary so she could have friends of her own kind, but she settled in so nicely (and mowed the grass so well!), that we decided to keep her. We named her Piper.

Then in October, we became aware of two young lambs that were in danger of being slaughtered. We believe these small girls came from the same small lot that Piper escaped from. Piper was settled, but she was often off by herself, and rarely spent time with our rescued goats. So, we rescued the two young lambs and named them Ember and Oona. Piper and the small girls bonded immediately and were never more than a few feet from each other.

Then, early one morning on January 26th, when going to let the goats and sheep out of the barn, the surprise of our lives was waiting. A beautiful little newborn was standing in the stall with the sheep. Apparently, Ember (who was about 6 months old when rescued) was pregnant on arrival. We named her Bliss, because who doesn’t feel that when looking at her? Little Bliss will remain here at the sanctuary for the rest of her life, with her mother and the rest of the herd. We have added a Lamb Cam to our Bat Cam page (scroll to the bottom to watch 24/7). Please also join our “Behind-the-Scenes” Facebook page to see more of our rescued animals!