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Public Letters Needed to Help Bats!

August 17, 2020

Dear Bat World Sanctuary Supporters, Your first round of letters helped, but the bats still need you! On July 10th, we sent an email to you with details regarding the states that are restricting bat rehabilitation and release on the speculation that humans may be capable of transmitting Covid-19 to our native bats. We included a ...

52 Bats Rescues from Neglect & Cruelty

January 21, 2020

In late December of 2019, an issue was brought to the attention of Bat World Sanctuary (BWS) in Texas by Second Chances Wildlife Center (SCWC) in Kentucky. The issue involved SCWC rescuing eight Egyptian fruit bats in Texas. BWS offered guidance and help as the bats were located in Texas. On January 7th, 2020 we received ...

Worldwide Pest Control Entombs Bats to Slowly Die

September 15, 2017

We received a call from a concerned citizen about bats being sealed into their roosts with spray foam at the Sanctuary Lofts Apartments located in San Marcos, Texas. The bats were roosting in a seven story parking garage and they were being entombed alive by Worldwide Pest Control, Inc.

Tell Zoos to Stop Leaking Bats into Research and the Cruel Exotic Pet Trade

October 2, 2015

Many zoos provide enrichment and quality of life for the bats in their care and and take the time to neuter male fruit bats to prevent excess reproduction. However, most do not, and bats suffer the horrible consequences. Because of a lack of population control with bats housed in zoos across the US, the bats ...

Exposing Unscrupulous Exotic Pet Trade Dealers

October 2, 2015

Exposing Unscrupulous Exotic Pet Trade Dealers

Speaking Out Against Inhumane Handling Techniques

January 22, 2014

As the infamous panda bat picture has been making the rounds again recently, we’ve felt compelled to speak out about the inhumane way that bats are often held for research photographs. We are speaking out because most people by and large aren’t familiar with bats in general, much less their facial expressions. Given that these ...

Bear Grylls, Bat Killer

August 7, 2013

By Mitch Gilley, Associate Writer. In a clip from Man vs Wild (formerly on The Discovery Channel) Bear Grylls used smoke to flush bats from a cave and then struck the fleeing, terrified animals with a makeshift club and stomped on them with what seemed to be glee, jokingly referring to it as “bat tennis.” Yes, ...

The Sensless Killing of Queensland’s Bats

July 21, 2013

By Mitch Gilley, Associate Writer. You may be aware of the current controversy in Queensland swirling around their local flying fox population. That controversy is two-fold: insiders in the fruit industry are lobbying for legal permission to shoot and kill these endangered animals. In addition, the usual histrionic misinformation about bats being a serious health risk ...


October 26, 2012

UPDATE: A USDA FOIA request of Lisa’s Creatures shows inadequate veterinary care, housing, excess handling resulting in the death and numerous other citations/violations. Click here for the full report It is extremely unfortunate that fruit bats occasionally enter the exotic pet trade through zoo closures and unscrupulous animal dealers. Some of these dealers operate under the guise ...

Bats and Wind Energy – Your Voice Needed

October 18, 2012

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is accepting information and ideas from the public on a proposal to develop a Habitat Conservation Plan for wind energy facilities in the Midwest. Bats that will be affected include endangered species, such as the Indiana bat. An automated letter is included below. If you’d rather not use the letter provided ...


October 4, 2012

The Queensland, Australia government-sanctioned killing of two threatened species – Spectacled and Grey-headed flying-foxes, has enraged bat conservationists across the globe. The government banned the shooting of flying-foxes in 2008 after the Australian Animal Welfare Advisory Committee found it was inhumane.  However, fruit growers are now being permitted to shoot flying-foxes, despite its acknowledged cruelty.  ...


February 16, 2012

PLEASE BOYCOTT “THE EXPENDABLES 2! The movie “The Expendables 2” caused massive damage to a cave that has a status of a natural monument. Bulgaria’s environmental protection agency had already fined the Hollywood production company for unlawfully removing shrubs and small trees, when something far worse occurred. The producers had promised to refrain from explosions, car ...

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